In Praise of Mill Ends Park

This here is the smallest park in the world (for our German readers; der kleinste Park der Welt), and it resides in Portland, Oregano, America. “Uh, where’s America?” you may ask.

It’s a big block of land on the Earth. It’s to the left of Europe. Despite the USA’s VAST size it is also home to diminutive things such as ants, small rocks, lice, and Mill Ends Park.

It’s a pretty little wodge of vegetation which, no doubt, livens up the otherwise drab existence of the local citizens.

Taking a Look at Mill Ends Park

This thing reminds us a little bit of Vermont’s tallest filing cabinet in the world. Except it’s kind of smaller, if you get the drift.

We mean… look at that thing. It’s pretty tiny.

Despite its seemingly docile nature, the site has proven to be somewhat provocative over the years. Behold, for instance, the staged protest which was part of the Occupy Portland at Mills Ends Park in December of 2011.

It was a violent protest which involved several broken free range eggs and a few greased up eyebrows.

The rest of the year Mill Ends Park is a haven for small people, and anyone who is planning to invade somewhere. If you’re up for the latter, this really is the best place to start.

Thusly, we end our praise to this glorious wee park in one of our more awkwardly designed blog posts. But, who cares?

We’re not really at home and this wasn’t written today! We’re in Middlesbrough and this was written a week ago. Spooky, eh?

Still, it’s the thought that counts, and we rate the park very highly. What ho, sir. What ho!

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