It’s Groovy Video Clips Sunday

Doggy goes "woof woof!" in the onomatopoeic sense.
Doggy goes “woof woof!” in the onomatopoeic sense.

Okay, so Mr. Wapojif here at Professional Moron has often wondered how you go about embedding a YouTube video into his blog posts, rather than just getting a standard link. After a bit of searching he realised he was being an utter moron indeed and soon had the whole kit and thingy down and out in one perfick thingy booble. To wit, he now knows how to put clips onto Professional Moron. Hurrah! To celebrate this marvellous discovery he’s decided to not bother writing any witty stuff, instead he’s going to feature some arbitrary videos for a one off extravaganza. Oh, you exshiited? So you bloody well should be! So if you’re a bit stumped with what to do this lazy Sunday then while away a good amount of minutes staring at this collection of stuff on Sunday. Wicked, innit geez? Indeed it is, good sir/madam. Indeed it is. As for the picture of the Pugs… well we thought we’d shamlessly put it in to draw in the crowds. Manipulative? Yes. Don’t blame us. Blame the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Starting off with Spanish troupe Pagagnini’s take on Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D. If you don’t like music look away now!

Ah, Vivaldi. How we do wish we could borrow your wig!

These two hamsters ignore physics in this outing and it’s a miracle no one was seriously injured.

Our most favourite Mozart piece ever, and here’s a true Mozart fact; he had a bit of a weird fascination with scatalogical humour. He even wrote several compositions based around toilet humour. Oh well, he also did stuff like this.

Let’s make things a bit more violent now. Here’s Keith Moon doing something naughty.

And here are The Stone Roses live back in 1990. The venue? Finland!

And last but not least it’s film critic Mark Kermode’s incredible rant about the evils of Sex and the City 2. Indeed, why not?

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