Cake: A Celebration of Sugar, Frosting, and Other Stuff!

Cake. Glorious cake. It gets everywhere, tastes great, goes with any meal, and looks pretty damn groovy to boot. Yes, we’re writing about cake as we’ve been on a hunt for the best copyright FREE pictures of cake we could find on the internet.

The results are nowhere near as disturbing as some of the other food posts we’ve had out lately. Feel relieved? Well good, just wait until next time!

So what is cake? Well it’s a mixture of sugar, aspic, salt, chocolate, frosting, juniper berries, chewing gum, and glue to hold it all together. Cakes have been used for thousands of years as a way of going, “Yep, there’s something of reasonable significance occurring.” That was in the past, anyway, these days we take any given opportunity to stuff our faces with the morbid obesity encouraging gits.

And why not? Cake is great! No, it’s fantastic. Cheese Cake is our favourite, although a sickly sweet Chocolate Cake has always been a close second. Cripes… we’re hungry for cake now. It makes that solitary turnip sitting in Mr. Wapojif feel all the more insipid and lonely now.

Still, maybe we can inspire you to architecturally construct a mega cake to cheer us up? Or you can just look at the pretty cakes on display. Onwards, comrade!

We think this is supposed to be a fish, which is a decent effort. Although fish don’t usually look like pastry… we’re being pedantic. B+
Bees on a… red thing. With cheese?
This monster would kill you if it fell over.
A dissected cake. Behold the glory of cake at work.
This is, apparently, a cake. Not exactly the most inspiring design.
You can decide if this looks nice or not.
One of these is the real helicopter.
This is a cute design. Well done to whomever created this artifact of splendiferousness.
This looks more like an antique than a cake.
“Bløtkake” is what the description said of this thing. Anyone who tells us what that is wins this cake.
Cute, until you hack it up and eat it.
More artistic fun here. Lovely.
Minimalist. Enticing. Groovy.
Rustic and glovely.
Oh, apparently this isn’t a cake after all. We found this description to go with it, “Studio shot. Animal originating from a meadow at Weingarten near Karlsruhe, Germany.” Hmmmm….
“Dekorationstårta” – Indeed.
This is an eggnogg cake. Ooeer.
Clearly someone left this out and mushrooms grew on it. Disgusting.
Now this is why tiger’s shouldn’t be kept in captivity, it’s just bloody cruel.
An M&M cake. Someone had wayyyyy too much thyme on their hands…
Another rustic! Looks ace.
This is Jupiter cake, from Jupiter. It’s made of gas and ionic fininalisation.
It would be funny if the cake was for some kid called Jeff, or something.
Trainspotters… so bloody insipid it makes us RAGE!
This is a tomato that’s on fire… on a cake. No explanation was offered for this erratic behaviour.
We’re going to guess a professional did this.
It’s as if a wodge of this cake launched off and attacked you, Alien style.
Stuff you’ll need if YOU want to make a cake.
This is either a present or a cake. Maybe both.
Dundee cake. It seems to have melted a bit.
Pahaha, epic.
Some cakes are capable of levitating in mid-air.
Geek cake.
The Blob Cake.
I say!
“Supercakes” – they probably don’t give you superpowers.
More design brilliance. Honestly, some chefs just don’t know when to quit.
And last but not least, this thing. It seems to have a plant growing out of its brains…

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