Complete And Utter Food Disasters!

Welcome, dear readers, to our occasional jaunt through miserable looking food. Make no bones about this selection we have for you. It’s bad.

Well, actually, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course. It’s a corny aphorism but, frankly, out of the many others we could think of this one really does ring true. This does, of course, mean some of you might actually like the look of the following pictures.

If you do, fine, that’s your opinion… but, really, shame on you! You should hasten yourself to the nearest supermarket and purchase some caviar and eat it rapidly. Gourmet, refined, glorious, fish eggs. Of course you could just eat vegetables and other healthy foods, like turkey and chicken, but then that would be pretty boring, right?

Now unless you’re lucky and have good genes, or a high metabolism, you’ll find you need to work ruddy hard to maintain those Arnold Schwarzenegger styled man muscles. So what’s the solution? Moderation!

Anyway, you’re not really here to read this nonsense. You’re here to stare at gross pictures of food. Go on then… get on with it.

An interesting splat of food, here.
Ham and…. swede? Shreds of dead stuff? Who knows.
Inventive, but stupid.
Radioactive sauces? Very pretty, just don’t eat it. Or go near it. Handles with lead lined gloves only.
This looks alright, but we’re sure it’d make you feel ill after a bit.
We presume the white stuff is probably mayonnaise, but it might be cream. It looks gross whatever this lot it.
Imagine coming home from work to this. Lovely.
This is Fried Spam.
Fried Spam and Eggs.
An insane looking omlette and chips.
This is a pizza, apparently.
Haggis! Not eggs from the film Alien.
A mish mash of weirdness.
Surely the laziest sandwich ever devised? More effort goes into something at McDonald’s.
The worst Hot Dog ever.
Goulash, but it’s more of a splat.
This is a stall on Blackpool Promenade, which is in England. We like to eat healthily here.
Casu Marzu cheese from Italy.
Dog MEat Hot Pot, Guilin China
Dog Meat Hot Pot, Guilin China.
We presume this is some kind of dead animal on Super Noodles.
Cheese, ham, bread. Lazy.
A bizarre concoction of stuff, here. Looks like an alien.
Nice plate.
Food Splat ahoy hoy!
Fried Spam Sushi.
Whoever made this was too lazy to even deshell the egg. It’s probably not even cooked.
This looks great apart from all the bones. This is from a top hotel in London, btw.
Okay, we’ve decided to name the London restaurant. It’s the St John Restaurant in Smithfield. Check out this lot. Tasty.
Whoever made this has an artistic flair, fo’ sho’.

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