The Very Best of Awful Fast Food

Ahhhh, Fast Food. We mention it a fair amount here on Professional Moron, and so, finally, we’ve compiled a list of the very best worst Fast Food pictures we could find (that didn’t have any copyright on them). Good, eh? In the following 30+ pictures you will find the type of raw, unadulterated, nausea inducing horribleness of which Fast Food has become quite renowned of over the last decade.

Indeed, documentary films such as Super Size Me and Food Inc. have made McDonald’s and co. look a bit… well, gross. No matter how many redesigns they go through there’s no moving away from the fact those French Fries are going to clog your arteries. Innit.

Observe the thing on the right, for instance. Just what the hell is it? Well, we can confirm it’s a sort of sandwich things… whatever’s on top of it we donut dare hazard to guess. “Hazard” is pretty apt, too. Dodgy dodgems, as Barack Obama often says.

So will there ever be a world without Fast Food? No. It’s here to stay, fo’ sho’. And why? Well with 7 billion people, and counting, on the planet even if 1% of that lot eat nothing but Fast Food McDonald’s will be sorted, and that’s not even scientifically proven as a statement! Lolz buckets. Anyway, who cares? Go and stare at the pretty pictures!

Hurray! It’s Awful Fast Food!

A good way to start things off - this thing does not look nice. At all.
A good way to start things off – this thing does not look nice. At all.
This seems to be something in a bap.
Donut Burger #1.
Dehydrated shredded potatoes.
This is a pizza, ladies and gentlemen.
Donut Burger #2. Good health.
This is a Veggie Burger – it just happens to look vile and weird.
Gangrene much?
We can’t help but think this would be very dry.
Fried chicken overload.
We can’t guess at what this stuff is.
Onion ring overload.
The best chefs in the world start somewhere like this, probably.
A French Fry pizza. This is pretty inventive, but a bit stupid.
800px-Frikandel - Processed meat, deep fried.
A “Frikandel” – processed “meat”, deep fried. Bound to be some horse in there.
This is one of those microwave meals. Looks nice.
Are sandwiches Fast Food? Sort of, we guess. This is corned beef on bread at its best.
This is a kebab being drowned by dressing and sweetcorn.
A food splat of stuff. Probably not too bad for you, but it looks gross.
“Donut On Stuff” goes down well in America, it seems.
We have no idea what this stuff is.
Yet another donut burger.
Look at all that grease!
More grease here. Doesn’t look too bad, but still…
Chicken and Waffle. Surely one of the driest meals ever?
Chips and brains?
No, that’s not brains! It’s a Rice Burger from Taiwan.
This is an Onion Ring Loaf.
This is, literally, one of the things on this list we would not eat. At all.
Fast Food has this habit of just looking very bad for you.
See what we mean?
Again… this is just a splat of stuff.
A “Danish Beef Burger” swimming in gravy.
A curried sausage. With ketchup.
One of the worst Ready Meals we have ever seen.
Yet another Donut Burger, with a weird wodge of meat to go with it.
A greased up looking pizza. Floppy.
And finally, Pyanse. Also known as Minced Meat and Cabbage. It looks more like bread with maggots in it.

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