Distinctive Music Videos For You To Enjoy

Some headphones to listen to music on.

Well. I see how you all crawl back to Mr. Wapojif expecting mercy for the wrongs you have done him.

Anyway, in the real world I appreciate your support and, one day, I hope to retire and build a dam on the Thames so I can catch any celebrities who fall in. Why do this? So I can steal the story for the media, of course.

Fun YouTube Music VIdeos

What a scoop! But it’s not just celebrities we’re keeping an eye on this merry Sunday, it’s videos of music and things. Yes, these are pretty easy for Mr. Wapojif as he couldn’t be bothered thinking anything up today. He’s allowed a day orf, write? Indeed!

Anyway, so it’s a video post. I don’t view this as laziness. I just wish to pass my tastes on to others, and if this is in accordance to where you are, culturally, then that’s fantastic.

On the third hand, if you hate everything I have posted here, you can take yourself off and not come back, you Justin Bieber, Harry Styles wielding freaks, you! This… this is ART, children! Onward.

Mozart—Missa Brevis

As Mozart just isn’t the established artist he should be. You can watch Amadeus for more details there.

Or read about Mozart and scatology for insights into what did make the man tick.

Murray Perahia—Beethoven

Now many folk have been (on the hugely popular public streaming service YouTube) mocking Murray Perahia and his appearance.

Frankly, anyone who can play the piano like this is up there with Brad Pitt.


In a world of Chopin, Keith Chegwin, and Boy George, how do you stand out as a French artist? By doing stuff people will realise is brilliant a hundred years after you’re dead. Huzzah!

Keith Moon

It’s not a complete video post without a Keith Moon piece! On this occasion Moon take a batch of animal tranquilisers before hitting the stage in America, 1973.

Thinks got a bit too much for him and he called it a day early, despite several injections of adrenaline. Pete Townshend got 19 year old fan Scott Halpin up on stage for a few numbers. Fun!

Can—Vitamin C

This is 1972, and their songs (and albums) sound a million miles ahead of anything these days. This is genius, yet, sadly, Krautrock band Can are still lost in a wave of stupidity.

Sadly guitarist Michael Karoli died of cancer in 2001, but singer Damo Suzuki is still going strong, whilst drummer Jaki Liebezeit is well know as one of the best drummers ever (in the informed musical circles).

Karoli’s first impression of Liebezeit was that he looked like a “serial killer”.


There are many clips I could show of Reni—his Keith Moon lunacy, the John Bonham precision, the sprawling complexity I have never seen in any other drummer. And yet he remains largely unknown.

So, a shout out to The Stone Roses‘ drummer here in Shoot You Down, which is actually an assault on Margaret Thatcher (the clip’s from August, 1989).


Here’s some music from the video game Okami. It didn’t sell brilliantly on its release, but it is one of the most visually stunning and beautiful games you can ever play.

If you have a Wii or a PlayStation get your hands on this gem, pronto. The soundtrack’s excellent to boot.

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