You’ve Heard Of Crowdsourcing – Now It’s Time For Crowsourcing!

You'd trust him right?
You’d trust him right?

Crowdsourcing, adjective (probably). Definition: “Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community.”

Thusly reads the definition from the ever reliable Wikipedia. Ever reliable? Debatable. You know what isn’t debatable? Crows. They exist, as do you, and they’re everywhere. They’re one of those animals you never really think about as, you know, you never really bump into them. This is due to their ability to fly and, as humans, we spend most of our time on the floor dodging their poorly timed bird toilet sessions.

Crowdsourcing itself is nifty for digital marketers, but the technique is as stale as a loaf of bread from Mr. Stale’s Bread Shop. The idea is you get a fashionable article together out of whatever everyone’s going on about online. That’s all very well and bad, but people are stupid and ugly and don’t really know what’s going on. There’s an untapped market for marketers looking to remarket their marketing, and Crowsourcing is it!

Crowsourcing involves heading out into the delightful, lively, big old wide, terrifying, moribund, grotesque world and finding yourself a tree. Crows hang out in trees, you see, and as the Crowsourcer you must gather information on what the crows are saying.

One of the downsides to this mightily original technique is crows tend to say “Caaaaww!” Bloody everything is caw! and it doesn’t half get repetitive. Mr. Wapojif ran this article writing scheme this week in his real job, and the results were pathetic. Several articles about caw! and a lot of thyme wasted. Even with Mr. Wapojif’s mighty man brain all he was able to put out was, “How To Drive A Caw!”, “Caw! Blimey, Why It’s So Bloody Cold!”, and “How To Uncawk! A Wine Bottle!”. Crap, right?

We later worked out caw! is the crows exclaiming amazement at everything. Whatever it is they see: dog poo, grass, other crows, clouds, marmalade, those carrier bags which get stuck in trees and flap about the place. Clearly crows know the beauty of everything. The marble of the story? Write about stuff which online yuppies aren’t righting about, dammit! Originality isn’t a sin.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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