INKS: Sure Plays a Mean Pinball!

INKS State of Play
Oooooh! Pretty.

The glorious Digitiser alerted us to one of the most innovative and beautiful smartphone games today.

The game (available at a cheap price on iOS and Android) is a pinball game with a twist—there’s a load of glorious surrealist art involved. Hurray!


State of Play created the thing, a talented bunch committed to making some of the most critically acclaimed smartphone games available.

INKS is essentially about building up an immense high score, but it’s complemented by the vibrant artistic style which bursts forth as you wiggle your flippers and progress through stages. Have a gander.

It’s a contemporary twist on the pinball machine which will have many of The Who’s fans dribbling with excitement.

The thing is, you don’t have to be a deaf, dumb, and blind boy to excel at this thing. Indeed, being able to see is pretty useful here as you’ll enjoy the experience a bit more.

Heading away from that morally insulting territory, it’s fabulous to see a developer try something a bit different and daring, whilst staying within the familiar remit of delivering a game with addictive sensibilities.

Heck, we’re impressed. We’ve earmarked these State of Play for future gaming action!

No matter what your age or inclinations may be, this is a title which will have you hooked (unless, for some bizarre reason, you take issue with resplendence).

We own smartphones, but we should imagine it looks spectacular and is a dream to play on a giant iPad screen. Hasten your way to the App Store with speed and immediacy to download this thing.

It’s Art, Man!

INKS art

There’s an ongoing debate about whether video games can be considered as art. It’s pretty simple: some can (Ori and the Blind Forest springs to mind), some can’t.

INKS quite literally makes itself into an artistic experience and it’s an app which arrives at a bargain price. How’d you like them apples?

We could ramble on or you could simply go and download it to your smartphone or iPad thingy and relax as the beauty of this serene experience washes over.

I say, we’re in jolly whimsical form this evening, aren’t we? Indeed, but it’s due to INKS—because you’re worth it, darling.

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