Murray Perahia: Piano God With Nimble Fingers Plays Beethoven

Murray Perahia Manchester
It’s a piano… or a trombone. One of them.

Eee by gum, we’re going to see concert pianist and legend Murray Perahia next month and we’re super excited – so we’re going to rant about it today. The American man person is holding a gig at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester city centre, one of the premier music things in the whole of Manchester. Other than Old Trafford (Bon Jovi played there, you know).

Not being musically talented ourselves, we can only gawp (see the clip belief) at his nimble fingered disregard for the laws of physics. Indeed, his musical memory allows him to play without the need of an elderly woman to nod and say “That is quite good, well done sonny jim. Now how about you try that less allegro so that my arthritis doesn’t call it a day?” As if Murray Perahia would listen to you, old woman piano teacher!

Murray Perahia

This is Mr. Perahia thrashing out the final bit of Beethoven’s 8th symphony with much verve. He is, indeed, the Keith Moon of the piano world. Widely acknowledged as a great pianist (*ahem*), and one of the finest pianists (*snigger*) in the world, you can see why we forked out £23 for a cheap seat to see him.

We’re seeing seminal indie troop The Stone Roses live shortly after this, so June is going to be a moderately interesting month for us. Indeed, it’ll break up the usual days of sitting around outside Manchester’s seedier pubs throwing eggs at Hipsters. It’s only when we listen to Beethoven that we become more sophisticated sorts.

Beethoven & Manchester


Mr. Beethoven (we covered a great deal more about him in The Ninth: Beethoven and the World in 1824) was probably a genius. On a genius scale he’d, like, probably get, like… 7 or something. Such is the enduring nature of the man’s above average talent. He’s like a chef who remembers to pick the little bits of egg shell out of scrambled eggs, such was his talent and commitment.

We’ve previously seen Beethoven’s 9th performed at the Bridgewater and now we’re all set for Perahia to perform a bit of that and some Mozart. So it’s going to be a big day out.

Whilst Beethoven’s been dead for nearly 200 years, Manchester has an odd history with the man. Five years ago a university professor stumbled across a string quartet by Beethoven which had been lost for centuries. Who put it in Manchester? Drunken football hooligans, no doubt!

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