Why is “Unnecessary” so Unnecessarily Difficult to Spell?

Unnecessary spelling
No amount of education will save you from some words.

It’s ironic and paradoxical the word “unnecessary” is so, like, dead difficult to spell correctly. Even the most seasoned spelling pros must surely launch into this verb with a hint of trepidation: “Cripes… is it three or four ns, I can’t remember!” Indeed, thusly “unnecessary” is one of the most unnecessarily difficult words to spell ever.

It could all be easily avoided, of course. If we spelt (or is it spelled?) it like this: unecesary. Or, you know, if you just said something was not necessary instead of unnecessary, although then you have the equally troublesome task of remembering how to spell necessary. Dammit, man, who invented the English language?!

Unnecessary: A State of Being

As a definition, unnecessary goes as follows: “not needed”. The adverb even knows it’s not needed and to double up on its meaning it, clearly, decides it has to make itself not necessary by being unnecessary. As you can see, this topic is more complex than a discussion about black holes at Oxford University, so we’ll go into detail the laymen (that’s you) can understand.

In life, you may come across unnecessary things all the time. We’ll highlight a few below:

  • Flossing your teeth (use a bloody toothbrush)
  • Selfies (all of them)
  • Rap music
  • White bread
  • Yodelling

Unnecessary is truly one of the most unfortunate and disliked words in the dictionary due to its inability to be correctly formulated. In terms of difficulty it’s up there with the legendary “your” and “you’re” conflict many people suffer from. Truly, diction and grammar are evil fiends.

So is this all unnecessary in the internet era? Do “Grammar Nazis” have it all wrong when they unnecessarily correct people for unnecessary fundamental errors in the aforementioned diction and grammar?

Why Are Things Even Necessary?!

We don’t know, we mean… why is anything bloody necessary anyway? In essence, “unnecessary” is the most existential word in the world – apathy down to an a. This kind of makes it unusual in that its spelling has to be so precise and, returning to the point of this incoherent blog post, so difficult to get right.

There are other troublesome proverbs like unnecessary, too, such as affect and effect. Try and get those two right on a rainy day after a chronic bout of post-lunch lethargy. It simply isn’t possible, which is why we’ve decided to embrace the unnecessary things in life… such as the word itself. It just makes things easier. Belting.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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