Seasons After Fall: Serene Autumnal Loveliness on Steam

Seasons After Fall
A still from the glorious Seasons After Fall.

Released in time, rather aptly, for autumn, Seasons After Fall is the latest fascinating looking indie title.

It was released on Friday after numerous years in production, primarily to ensure the distinctive and beautiful graphical style was spot on.

Seasons After Fall

The end result is we have a fantastic and relaxing little action and puzzle game (it lasts for only around five hours).

It’s not much of a challenge, but this is kind of the point. It’s a beautiful and relaxing little slice of escapism and one which we can heartily recommend.

The vibrant indie scene really is the best thing in gaming these days, regularly throwing at us spoiled gamers some extremely imaginative and classic titles.

Swing Swing Submarine is behind this little gem, having painstakingly painted every single frame themselves which, you know, must have taken a lot of time.

You play as a red fox who journeys through a mystical forest to rescue lost spirits of the four seasons. With this minimal plot set up, it’s really just an excuse to go frolicking about in the beautiful scenery.

You’re tasked with completing puzzles and you can unlock and change seasons at will.

Unlike many titles, you can’t get yourself killed in this thing and the difficulty level is minimal. It’s a game which has been designed to offer pure escapist fun, in more ways than one.

There’s a string quartet backing up the beautiful graphics, which adds in a hefty dollop of atmospherics.

Games soundtracks do tend to make or break a title these days and often prove to be the best thing about a game, regardless of its looks.

The score here is an excellent addition and adds to the generally relaxing, contemplative mood of Swing Swing Submarine’s game.

Like with today’s post, it’s simply a short thing which is an ode to something awesome.

You can pick up Seasons After Fall on Steam right now and it’s about $15 for you Americans, £12 for us UK lot with its large price discount. Give it a go!


  1. That game looks like a cute little gem. It’s not going to add much time to my near infinite backlog of games so I’m going to check it out.

    Now that I’m out of school, Fall has become my favourite season. The trees here turn stunning orange/red colours and the temperatures are perfect. I just have to forget that the ugly old man Winter comes next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It most certainly is! Yeah, I tend to play indie games these days as I don’t have the spare time to take on 100+ hour epic adventures, although I’ll make the time for the new Zelda.

      Donut fear winter. It is your friend. It brings cake and Santa and drunk relatives.

      Liked by 1 person

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