Moonshake Books: Sartre’s the Age of Reason Reviewed!

Jean-Paul Sartre - The Age of Reason
It’s the age of reason, apparently.

Yesterday, Mr. Wapojif completed a real labour of love in the form of an epic review of Jean-Paul Sartre’s the Age of Reason. You can’t miss that link, can you? Currently, he’s working his way through the Roads to Freedom trilogy and the opening book (duh!) was the place to start.

The review is pretty spoilerific, but if you’re never going to read the thing it’s a useful insight into existential thought and the nature of the world in 1938. If you are thinking of reading it, the review should (hopefully) nudge you towards fulfilling your desire. As mentioned, there’s the odd spoiler, but there’s nothing to fear. From our perspective, even if we know the full plot of a book this doesn’t stop us from heading into it to enjoy the writing style and what the author has to say.

Indeed, Sartre’s work isn’t exactly the type of stuff you can ruin with spoilers. It doesn’t turn out they’re all robots and none of the characters is abducted by aliens, so you’re quite safe. With Sartre, it’s all about the philosophical musings and the way his creations engage with each other, and we don’t think there’s any better demonstration with this than in the Age of Reason.

The Age of Reason

One of the reasons we started Moonshake Books is because we reviewed this book once before and weren’t satisfied with what we did (hey, we’re moronic, it’s not our fault). You can find it in our Book of da Week section near the bottom. Yes, we were disappointed with how short the thing ended up being. So, like vagabonds we created a new blog where we could go into really, really pedantic detail. Fun, eh?

As for the novel – it’s a work of genuine brilliance, with a cast of characters who are larger than life and will leave you feeling miffed (or delighted) you don’t know anyone as interesting or insane in your day-to-day existence. Hey, that’s why you come to Professional Moron every day, right?

Anyway, if you want to learn even more about Sartre you can listen to the posh blokes on the BBC Radio 4 documentary above. It’s pretty insightful, which is more than we’ve been on this post, eh? Peace and vegetables to you all this merry Sunday.

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