10 More Brilliant New Words and What They Mean!

Learn some new words
Learn some new words, you idiots.

After the brilliance of 10 Brilliant New Words and What They Mean, we’ve gone and created 10 More Brilliant New Words and What They Mean to up the brilliant levels to a whole new level of brill. Hold onto your hats – it’s going to get superlative around her over the next 450+ words!

The great thing about inventing new words is no one is going to sue you for doing so. The difficulty is getting them into regular use in society, so we’ve taken to dropping them into regular conversation, on and offline, to try and kickstart a revolution. Hurray!

10 More Brilliant New Words and What They Mean!

Here we are, then, with some further preamble to ensure this segue from the above H2 header into the H4 headers below doesn’t look too dodgy.


Parallelograms are pretty confusing, but the parahellogram is much more friendly. By using this word, you can say hello to someone whilst indicating some sort of mathematical formula, or context, is on the way. Brilliant!

Nuclear Bore

The stage after nuclear war and nuclear fallout, when there’s nothing really to do except sit about the place whilst you watch your right leg mutating into a mongoose. After 3 weeks of that, once your hysteria has been quelled by increasing levels of acceptance, you’re just a bit, you know, bored.


Our new word for space, which which we think is more suitable. In the three dimensional Universe of stuff, objects such as stars and planets have a relative position and direction. Stuff is a better name than “space”. Where’s our Nobel Prize, please?


This is a renaming of “fruition”, which we think is more fun and would have the added bonus of making you think about fruit, which would, potentially, make you head off and eat some watermelon, or something.


What happens when you sneeze into snow? You end up with snowt, which features a slight hint of bogey green. Scrunch the snowt together and you end up with a snowtball, of course. Really got a bad case of man flu? Well, you could end up with a fantastic snowtman – that’ll terrify the neighbours!

The Bindependent

A broadsheet newspaper dedicated to all of the latest breaking international bin news. Keep up to date with the latest bin collections around Chorley, Paris, and Tokyo. Find out who kicked that bin over in Bury. Hear it here first about those drunken students who stole a bin in Boston and got tasered by the coppers! Where there’s a bin, there’s something happenin’.


Like a countdown, but you have to be wearing a dressing gown when the countgown begins. Countgowns are, typically, held at gown gatherings. If an individual is not wearing a gown during a countgown, the non-wearer is gunned down by a well-aimed (as opposed to a badly-aimed, which would defeat the point) bazooka.


Works like ordinary opinions do, but the person expressing the opinonion must do so expressly about the fruit known as the onion. If the person expressing an opinonion is not discussing onions, the individual will be forced to sit in a room (as punishment, this isn’t a fun thing) of 100 fair maidens as they peel raw onions. Typically, the offender has cried his or herself to death within an hour.


This is a type of donkey that looks like the lead singer of U2 – Bono. Instances of this type of donkey have been remarkably rare, simply as not many donkeys wear glasses. However, there have been several documented occurrences in the last three decades in India, China, and Wales. We contacted Bono about officially acknowledging this new word, but are still waiting for his response (it’s been a week now).


the Duhoor

The duhoor is a special type of door for particularly stupid people (i.e. people who respond with “Duuuuh?” when asked simple questions). The duhoor is made out of paper so it doesn’t matter if a dumb person clatters through it obliviously. Whereas, previously, doing this to a wooden door would result in fatal injuries, with the duhoor the dumbo will escape almost all injures (except for possibly the world’s worst paper cut, but there’s a cream for that). Professional Moron – saving lives since 2012.


  1. I really like all of these words, but I am a bit put off by 1. “COUNTGOWN”. A dressing gown??? I feel this should be where one wears an Art Gown. As everyone wants to wear an Art Gown, there will be no need for bazookas.

    Please send all unused bazookas to ArtGowns.com. I can dismantle them, then up-cycle them into fetching pieces of gownery. Thank you!


    • Hey, don’t diss dressing gowns, lady. How about you design a fancy new dressing gown and market those? I’d buy one. Cover it in sparkling neon flashing lights and other fabulous stuff.

      I may forward you the bazookas… I kind of like having them around. They’re like a didgeridoo, but more violent.


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