Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: Glorious Indie Insanity

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Hell yeah!

If you ever want a hilariously surreal, adorable, weird, twee space shooter where you can have your pet cat act as your gunner, then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is for you.

Released in October 2017 on pretty much everything (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam), this indie title does not take itself seriously, but its sense of silliness and its ability to entirely embrace its lunacy turn it into a complete gem.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

It’s cheap, too! For some reason it was on offer from it’s already whopping £5 price tag.

Developed by Asteroid Base, what you have to do, right, is pilot a spherical ship around a world and open up new areas.

Whilst doing so, up to four players can race around their ship to different gun turrets, fending off heathens who dare attack you. It’s a blast… yeah?

It’s a simplistic title, but one we had to thing long and hard about in an attempt to summarise its oddness.

First up, let us stress this is best enjoyed as a multiplayer experience, although one person can still enjoy it as you get an A.I. pet cat or dog who will assist you in gunning down enemies (with an enthusiastic meow or bark).

It’s set deep in space where an anthropomorphic species has made its home on a lovely planet with a heart of love as a space station.

It’s powered by lovely love, but one day some bastards known as the anti-love brigade mess things up and it’s your duty to restore order to the world and save a bunch of cute animals.

To the gameplay! You guide your neon spaceship around environments taking out enemies, opening up new areas, and restoring equilibrium by saving the aforementioned cutesy animals.

As you do, things get pretty mental and your strategic skills will be tested to the max!

You power-up your ship with some ingenious weapons along the way, as you blast your way through stage deflecting incoming enemy missiles, ordering your cat to gun down foes, and hitting your friends if they make a mistake.

Simply put, as a game it’s hilarious fun, it doesn’t take itself at all seriously, and it’s really what video games are all about: grand escapist, imaginative fun.

We can highly recommend it to you all if you want to immerse yourself into a silly, vibrant world of madness.


  1. Looks astonishingly good fun! And clearly a nod or two to the old side-scrollers. I’m always intrigued at the range and imagination of indie games – now that the mainstream high-budget stuff has been corporatised, I can’t help thinking that some of the free-flow whimsy of the old days has been lost in them and it’s up to the indies to bring it back.

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    • Despite its cutesy look, as with many games which look like this, it’s pretty full on and challenging. It’s at its best when there are at least two players, but if there’s just one of you it’s possible to make do with the AI cat who helps you out. But, yes, it’s genuinely awesome fun!

      I’ve moved away from most of the big budget mainstream games (although highly recommend Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, if you’ve not played it yet) as they’re generally formulaic. The indie scene is incredible, though, there’s so much creativity going. It’s wonderful, right now. Check out Axiom Verge and Teslagrad – two science-inspired ‘uns there you’d love.


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