When Harry Met Sally: “I’ll have what she’s having” Quote Off

When Harry Met Sally
This is where people called Harry and Sally meet.

When Harry Met Sally is famous for its one line: I’ll have what she’s having. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are in it acting as lovers, or something… okay, we’ve not seen the film! We’ve merely come across this one quote about a thousand times since we were born in 1984. For whatever reason, the film hasn’t hit our radar, but one day we’ll catch up with it.

In the meantime, we’d like to think Ryan and Crystal crystallized their ideas over some nutmeg and forced the woman to ad lib her way towards the famous gem. In other words, below are some probable rejects this random actress slam dunked before making movie history.

I’ll have what she’s having

Following an amorous display too rude for this family website, this lady drops the most famous line in movie history. You go, girl!

I’ll have what she’s lacking

Harry and Sally eating food

A sense of moral fibre, clearly, to make a scene like that in a restaurant. Fine retort, madam!

I’ll have what she’s tapping

I'll have what she's having

Well, she’s tapping Billy Crystal. If that’s your thing then you go for it, dear.

I’ll have what she’s having whilst she’s napping

Harry and Sally eating food

We thought about how to structure this one for a while and figured that was the best way to do it. Sorry if it disappoints you.

I’ll have what she’s thrashing

I'll have what she's having

I don’t think Ryan is someone who carries many whips/belts with her, to be honest, so no thrashing has ever been done in her name.

I’ll halve what she’s having

Harry and Sally eating food

Fair deal, potentially, if she pays Meg Ryan for the other half of the food. Don’t go expeting this to be free here, lady. That’s not how you go halves.

I’ll have what she’s gnashing

Harry and Sally eating food

Well we used the same imagine again to determine what it is she’s having – a sandwich, by the look of things. Doesn’t look like the best sandwich ever, to be honest… it’s even on white bread, which is sooooo 1980s.

I’ll have what she’s lashing

I'll have what she's having

Back to the belt thing. Enough of the perversity, lady.

I’ll carve what she’s having

Harry and Sally eating food

Look, Ryan’s, like, 30 years younger than you, love, there’s no need to do that. Plus, you don’t carve a basic sandwich like that. That’s just over the top.

I’ll have what she’s rapping

I'll have what she's having

Meg Ryan – gangsta rapper that never was. She would have done awesome beats such as “Hey I’m Meg Ryan and I like to iron”. Could have been a number one. Wasted career.

I’ll have what she’s amassing

Harry and Sally eating food

Sandwiches, clearly, seeing as they’re such a big deal for here. You amass those sandwiches, Ryan. They will do you proud.

I’ll have what she’s flashing

I'll have what she's having

Well, hopefully she’s flashing nobody as that is obscene behaviour, mister.

I’ll stab what she’s having

Harry and Sally eating food

Stab Billy Crystal? Not a good idea, really. His beard is too good in this film. Leave him be.

I’m a heffer, what she’s having?

I'll have what she's having

Don’t put yourself down, lady!

Niles will have what she’s having

Niles Crane

Why, is it Maris he’s with? I guess he will just mindlessly order what she does. Didn’t he marry Daphne, though?!

And finally…

I’ll not have what she’s having

I'll have what she's having

Did she really, really want what Meg Ryan was having? Judging from her expression and other notable attributes (hair etc.) we think this women possible didn’t want what she’s having. Autonomous thought is allowed, lady, you go for it.


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