15 Romantic Films Ruined By Adding “Gargoyles” To The Names!

A gargoyle trying to eat its foot
We’re sure that’s tasty, but if you could stop ruining romantic films that’d be great.

Gargoyles may be relics from a long gone era of humanity, but they’re fun to look at and, well, they’ve also got the capacity to ruin things. Take romantic films! Chick flicks are great for women, not so popular with man blokes, but probably liked more by man blokes than man blokes will readily admit. They’d certainly be more popular with more gargoyles in them, so that’s exactly what we’ve done today!

500 Days of Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

Annoying Zooey Deschanel stars in this equally annoying Hipster flick where everyone pretends the Smiths is a great band and there’s lots of big eyed staring. Then the gargoyles arrive and cause mayhem, which is when it gets good.

Gone with the Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

Epic drama about abandoning human life to go and co-exist with gargoyles. That’s exactly what Clark Gable does in this one and he utters the legendary line, “Frankly my dear, I love gargoyles” and the film ends.

50 Shades of Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

Salacious romp along adapted from a terrible book, this one has gargoyles in it.

Gargoyles in Love

A gargoyle in anguish

There are gargoyles. They’re in love. Hurray! What a high concept film, eh?

10 Things I Hate About Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

We can think of 10 things, alright, but this chick flick is a laugh a minute and features a load of women screaming and listing things they hate (about gargoyles).

You’ve Got Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in this romantic comedy about getting a load of gargoyles at odd times. I’ll have what she’s having!

How to Lose a Gargoyle in 10 Days

A gargoyle having fun

Well… just offer it a stone wall on a church, or something, and it’ll fly on up and perch there for eternity.

The English Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

Ralph Fiennes stars in this comedy about a load of extremely posh gargoyles who turn up and drink lots of tea. This film was nominated for 30 Oscars.

My Best Friend’s Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

You’ve got a best friend… but they have loads of gargoyles. Better convince them to have fewer gargoyles then, eh?

Pride & Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

Jane Austen drama about pride and gargoyles. The period dress sense is spectacularly realised, but ruined by the many, many, many gargoyles.

Out of Africa (and Gargoyles)

A gargoyle having fun

Romantic drama about being in Africa… with gargoyles. Robert Redford, it turns out, is actually a robot, whilst Meryl Streep is also a robot. But there are gargoyles as well!

The Great Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

Adaptation of the book by that man. Society high life doesn’t get any better than when it’s with gargoyles!

Pretty Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts star in this film, which also features an ensemble cast of gargoyles. Jealous of how pretty Gere and Roberts are, they start dressing up and

Top Gargoyles

A gargoyle in anguish

High concept film where Tom Cruise flies jets with his pet gargoyles and does top (as in “good”) stuff all over the place!

And finally…

He’s Just Not That Into Your Gargoyles

A gargoyle having fun

She’s “well fit”, she’s “got nice cans”, she’s “loaded”, and she’s “dumb enough to date”, but those pet gargoyles sure are causing issues for handsome Jeff the Jerk. Will Jennifer Aniston ditch those pets or will Jeff have to take a hike?


  1. It all very easy for you, as I’m sure there’s plenty of gargoyles to go around in the UK. There might not be even 1 gargoyle in Toronto. I’ll have to Gargoogyle that!

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