Blast Corps: Explosive N64 Action! BOOM!

Blast Corps - Rare on the N64
Blasty corps!

Rare’s Blast Corps hit the N64 scene in March of 1997, was translated into late ’97 in England, so we’ll have picked this quirky gem up this time around 1998. Neat, huh? It was one of Rare’s first on the N64, prior to the British developer hitting the stratosphere with Goldeneye 007 in late 1997.

As such, Blast Corps was quickly dwarfed by the N64’s smash hit, but what you still have here, all these years on, is a weird game about destroying everything in the path of an out-of-control nuclear warhead on a truck. Nice, yeah? Cue a load of weird and wonderful vehicles, a heck of a lot of demolition, and you have yourself an N64 cult classic. Hurray!

Blast Corps

Okay, this is still quite an odd setup – a high-concept which places explosive, destructive action at the forefront of the gaming experience.

It’s a single player title (going against the grain of four player options the N64 delighted millions with) and you’re there heading up the Blast Corps demolition company to stop TWO runaway nuclear missile carriers from blowing up and killing everyone.

Over the course of some 57 levels, you promptly get eight vehicles to choose from. Some of these are great fun, such as the bulldozer, and others are a complete pain in the arse.

It’s fair to say the controls aren’t always up to much. Gamers were frustrated by how this ramped up the difficulty level on certain missions.

The worst vehicle is a side-swiping dump truck thing, where you have to slide your arse into buildings to get them out of the way. That was, apparently, inspired by one of Mario Kart 64‘s features.

The N64’s fanbase has kept the title in mind and ensured it’s not fallen into obscurity. It remains a fun, if weird, cult gem and at this point in the industry’s history a sequel would be bloody brilliant! Here’s hoping someone does that, eh?


At the time, Rare had suddenly emerged as Nintendo’s development darling – handed the Donkey Kong project, it produced a trilogy of well-received titles on the SNES.

On the N64, its first game was the largely forgettable Killer Instinct Gold, but Blast Corps was next up and showcased the developer’s knack for wacky, creative, ridiculously endearing romp alongs.

Rare’s co-founder, Chris Stamper, had kept the idea in mind for years and landed the project on four recent graduates the company had hired. Lead designer Martin Wakeley has said he thinks Blast Corps is a puzzle game at its core (or corpse) and he has a point, it’s just very possibly the most explosive possible game there has ever been.

It first appeared at Space World in 1996 which was Nintendo’s trade show of the time – over in Nippon, the game wound up being called Blast Dozer. Because. The remarkable thing here is, the team at Rare (of a handful of people) turned this project around in just over a year. And it’s great!

Call it prescient or mere foreshadowing, but it such a story indicates how many indie developers are now able to turn a gem around in a short space of time, with a limited budget, and minus a mammoth team to power it along. Rare – back then, you guys were belting.


  1. Blast Corps was a game I had fun with as a kid. Admittedly looking back on it, I think the developers got lazy around the halfway point with the third tier of levels being recycled versions of older ones and they force you to use that stupid dump truck way too often. I also didn’t like how much the secondary levels outnumbered the carrier levels because I felt the latter ones were far more interesting. It remains a decent game though; it’s too bad they never made a sequel.

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    • I loved it back in t’ day, aye, although the guy I mentioned wasn’t from N64 Magazine at all and I’ve got myself confused. Mark Green was the guy I was thinking of, not Glenn Plant, so ignore that hideous error!


  2. Nice retrospective! We played a lot of Blast Corps back in the day. I like that you describe it as a high concept video game – there really isn’t anything equivalent to it!

    Agree with you Red Metal as well – the power sliding dump truck was a bit of a pain. It got too frustrating, since it relied on perfectly timing your speed and slide into buildings.

    But I really loved the giant robots!

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