Minit: 60 Second Sprees of Indie Game Excellence


Minit launched on the PS4, Steam, and Xbox One in April of 2018 (it’s also destined for the Nintendo Switch later in the year). It’s an innovative little indie game that plays out 60 seconds at a time… and that sounds like a bit of a weird premise, but Jan Willem Nijman and a handful of other freelancers have landed an indie triumph right here. This thing is, like, mint, geezer.

It features the familiar indie game trope of NES era graphics and an excellent bleepy, bloopy soundtrack, but the visual style is dominated by black. There’s a lot of it in this game, so get used to it! However, don’t be put off by the deliberately basic graphics as this is one addictive little platformer that places an emphasis on speedy exploration and daring. Innit.


Starting from a small house, you’ll immediately find you only have 60 seconds to get on with your adventure. When the 60 seconds end (that’s one minute, in cause you’ve forgotten) you drop dead. Thusly, the emphasis is on quickly exploring the area around your home to unlock puzzles, houses, take out enemies, and get some power-ups (coffee gives you strength to push boxes, for one highly logical example).

When you find a new home, you’ll be able to start afresh from there each time you die. This means you can reach further into the game from your new base… so long as you have the pluck to dash into the wilderness like a lunatic! Luckily, you can commit suicide at any moment (how fortunate, indeed!) by hitting the B button – this can save you time if you believe you’ve wrapped up everything you can do within your allotted 60 second time limit.

It’s a trial and error type experience that’ll tax your memory, but the addictiveness comes from wanting to discover those areas you missed out in your previous 60 second romp. This makes it a unique title, as its premise… I don’t think it’s ever been done before in gaming (correct us if we’re wrong, pretty please). Plus, at £7 (about $10), you really can’t go wrong with what is a short, but brilliant, title.

Flip Off!

As with the likes of Shovel Knight (a title inspired by Mega Man games etc.), Minit’s spawned all sorts of fun fan stuff to collect. The flip book above is the most interesting thus far, but we should imagine all sorts of other stuff (official and otherwise – check out Etsy) will emerge to mark the critical acclaim Minit has received. Got a small amount of spare time? Immerse yourself into this one, sir or madam.

It’s what makes indie games so accessible for a hardworking bunch of vagabonds such as ourselves. We don’t have time to immerse ourselves in many epic 400+ hour RPGs etc. Particularly if we want to complete our other projects! Indie games provide bitesize, brilliant, and cheap slices of gaming excellence that won’t dominate your life for too long. The ones like Minit will, however, leave you with a big old smile on your stupid face.

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