Tooth and Tail: Redwall Inspired Strategy Romp With Extra Animals

Tooth and Tail

We’d have gone totally mental for this had it been released 20 years ago. Tooth and Tail is a, seemingly, Redwall (of Brian Jacques fame) inspired video game. It’s a real-time strategy deal that we picked up on a Steam sale recently. Developed by Pocketwatch Games, based out in San Diego, the studio was founded in 2005 by Andy Schatz.

Tooth and Tail launched last year (that’s 2017, in case you’ve forgotten). Its focus on strategy includes a single player campaign, online multiplayer, split-screen, replays, and a lots of furry animals. What’s required? You start, build a base, and then launch your army into the local area to dominate! Erm… mwahahahahaaaa, is in order!

Tooth and Tail

There’s a notable Soviet era theme running throughout Tooth and Tail. With civil war, traditional folk melodies, and rousing orchestral pieces at the heart of the experience, it creates a revolutionary tone. Whether it was intended to coincide with the 1917 Russian Revolution we don’t know (it seems to be fortuitous happenstance), but you can’t help but feel like a peasant revolting (or should that be a revolting peasant, yeah?!) whilst playing.

It’s a good game. With its unique artistic style and interesting setting, not to mention nods to the Redwall series (although it’s unclear if this was intentional by Pocketwatch Games), plus a fast-pace gaming environment… well, it’s pretty captivating. But for short bursts of play, which is what we found – generally, you point to areas, click, and let your minions obliterate the opposition, but you do have to be quick and canny to succeed. The intensity does create that level of enjoyment you crave, especially when you’re victorious.

If you’re looking for something to throw yourself into for 30 minutes at a time and be chuffed, then Tooth and Tail is pretty much ideal. The single-player mode is fun, but has bizarre spikes in difficulty, so the multiplayer option is well worth a shot to conquer the local land and, huzzah, revel in the Soviet era type shenanigans. Recommended, should you see it in the Steam sales.


  1. Looks like the kind of game I’d be really into for 5 hours or so and then get frustrated with – which is a shame because the scenario, art and story all look amazing! The RTS genre just ends up frustrating me to all hell.

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  2. I like the idea of this , building a base and launching your army sounds ideal for my nephew , plus the short time play, I’m afraid he would not relate to he Russia/ revolutionary theme. I think I might enjoy this one ! Great review.

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