Factorio: Hypnotic Real-Time Industrialisation Strategy Stuff


Factorio is another one of those early access things from Steam. OMG, not another one?! Well, yes. This one is a real-time strategy game from Wube Software over in lovely Prague.

In this one, you’re a dude trapped on a planet who has to harvest alien resources in order to survive—this leads to an increasingly complex array of machinery working like crazy to keep you ticking over. Cripes, it gets hypnotic.


Think of this as a really filthy, industrial version of Sim City. In it, you get landed in an area and you must use your wits, and logical thinking, to go about harvesting stuff.

The unique factor about Factorio is it’s, essentially, an open world game of sorts. A hybrid is a better term, as it’s got real-time strategy elements, but an overhead view similar to the likes of Diablo II.

You’ll really have to dig in and experiment for yourself with the harvesting and industrial building side.

You get an introductory stage at the beginning, but from there it’s a case of developing your skill set—as each stage advances, it becomes increasingly intricate.

You begin to daydream of conveyor belts blasting along and how you can speed up your operation. Addictive? As with all the best strategy games, absolutely.

Factorio hit early access stage in 2014 —it’s managed to shift some million digital copies since then and has been met with strong critical acclaim.

Asides from looking the part, with its steampunk visuals, it’s the advancement of machinery, tools, and equipment that will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re willing to put the time in, your brain will be swimming with conveyor belts each night before you go to bed.

That’s where we’re wrapping this one up! If it looks like your type of thing, we can heartily recommend you throw yourself in.

As with many strategy games, such as the legendary Dungeon Keeper, it has the ability to overwhelm your life and become a serious addiction.

If you’re looking for a more casual gaming experience, then we nudge you gently towards the glorious Stardew Valley.

If you’re ready to become an expert level factory builder, than Factorio is well and truly for you.


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