Diablo II: Slaughter Your Way to Glory This Halloween!

Diablo II
He may be evil, but he still loves ice cream!

There are some PC gamers who happily claim Diablo II is the best game of all time. A bold statement! Debatable. But it’s certainly a full-on classic.

Diablo II

We have mighty fond memories of massacring our way through a perpetual stream of demons on our way to slaughtering Diablo (you can’t say that every day).

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft would also go on to captivate us, too. The developer has a knack for that.

Yes, it’s a bloodthirsty game, but there’s an incredible charm about the thing which (16 years after its release) has kept the title on Blizzard’s online store.

Heck, the developer has continued to provide patches and updates for it after all this time! If you want to play, you can even go and download Diablo II immediately on Blizzard’s website.

Pretty good going for a title released in 2000, so join us today as we wax lyrical about how you’ll become a mouse clicking expert due to one almighty game.

Putting it simply, Diablo II is an action-adventure RPG which involves heading out into the wilderness, mowing down enemies, and gearing up.

This is basically it! You journey through the game getting more powerful, moving to new locations, and achieve your mission of become the world’s most blood-drenched individual.

To outsiders, watching anyone play Diablo II you’d wonder why they’d indulge in such monotonous behaviour.

Indeed, there are occasions when you’ll stop and wonder what the Hell you’re doing with your life, endlessly clicking towards either an RSI or existential crisis.

“I’m wasting my life!” isn’t the main realisation, however, as most of the time you’ll be too Hell-bent on exploring and levelling up. It’s bloody addictive. Like Pringles.

It’s the powering up and acquisition of new weapons and armour which make the game so thrilling.

You really just want to get your dude packed out with skull smashing equipment, so it’s a bit like pimping your car (if you’re into that type of thing) in this respect.

Plus, when complemented by its wonderful soundtrack, sense of adventure, and overall grandeur, it’s all rather rewarding.

As Diablo II builds towards its conclusion, you begin to believe you’re about to defeat Satan’s evil horde and get a real sense of self-aggrandisement going as you delusionally (almost halfwittedly) left mouse click your way to glory.

Best game ever? No, but certainly a lesson in how to become addicted to a video game.


Modern gamers might struggle to see what the fuss is about, but if you were around for the ’90s era of gaming you’ll likely go crazy for this gem.

Whilst it may be repetitive, you’ll also find once you stop playing you begin craving those axe-wielding moments. You may evening start bloody dreaming about them!

It’s a traditional video game, too, in its bare bones simplicity.

There are extensive cutscenes to accompany Diablo II (which was quite unusual for a 2000 era title – indeed, it was a novelty back then, but very much indeed a chore these days), but it’s primarily a hack-and-slash epic with RPG elements.

The series is still romping along, too. Diablo III has existed for a while now and has been all over the place, although it’s apparently now worth owning.

We’re sure Diablo IV will be a thing as well but, for now, you can quench your bloodlust this Halloween by hacking demon spawn to death in II. Why not?! Mwahahahahah!


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