Lots of Different Places: In Praise of Christopher Lambert’s Voice

Lots of… what?

When you start obsessing about one minute segment in a daft film from 1986… that’s when you know you’re a professional moron. Just as well that’s the home for this type of stuff then, eh? As today we’re taking a look at 1980s acting heart-throb Christopher Lambert, his weird voice, and the way he says lots of different things.

NB: Apologies, readers, we had several issues attempting to launch this post today. We blame this all on communism. 

Lots of Different Places

Highlander is a silly film. Camp. Daft. It’s premise is so obviously nicked from James Cameron’s Terminator series it’s untrue.

Yet we watched a retrospective review of Highlander recently, on Oliver Harper’s excellent YouTube channel, and the line that sticks out is above. Sends a shiver down your spine, yeah?!

Since its release, thanks to the high profile involvement of the rock band Queen, it’s become something of a cult classic.

Its flaws aside, it’s now unwatchable – the first one is rather enjoyable, as Kyle Reese… sorry, Connor MacLeod does his thing. Behold the trailer, with a Scottish accent for one famous actor.

Sean Connery has a big role in Highlander. He wasn’t new to such unusual romps, such as with his red underpants clad turn in the bizarre Zardoz (1974).

But the star of the show is Christopher Lambert, who’s sporting an unusual accent that… kind of sounds French. But isn’t. Hell, he’s from lots of different places, so what does it matter?

In a one off type thing, Queen was part of the soundtrack. The band’s 1986 album, A Kind of Magic, tied in with Highlander.

We can’t find any information why this is, though (other than the financial benefits). Queen got from it arguably its best song of the ’80s in A Kind of Magic, but there’s also the romp above which absolutely no one took drugs to record.

Anyway, Lambert is still acting but is 61 now. So isn’t from quite as many places as he once was. Being French, of course, he’s usually in French films and other science-fiction stuff. But Queen fans will know him as that chap who adnorned their beloved band’s albums from the mid-’80s. You can’t get more famous than that, eh?

Bohemian Rhapsody

With Queen linked to the Highlander project so enormously, let’s take a look at the 2018 film thing: Bohemian Rhapsody.

It’s out in cinemas right now, had an incredibly troubled production history, has met with mixed reviews, but it’s still No. 1 in the box office.

The film looks… rubbish, really, but Rami Malek has had rave reviews for his Freddie Mercury interpretation. Apparently, though, the rest of the film struggles to manage its tone.

The result is it attempts to be funny, rambunctious, and poignant all-in-one. But this leads to a situation where Mercury’s ultimately tragic descent into AIDS, and his heroic battle against the disease, fails to receive the attention it deserves.

Frankly, this was also a chance to have a go at the pathetic right wing British tabloids who hounded him mercilessly (particularly the notoriously odious The Sun) about his illness for years. But the film doesn’t have the nerve to do that, either, which is a missed opportunity to set the record straight. Ho hum.

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