Digitiser the Show: Celebrate Retro Gaming With Mr. Biffo! NOW!

Digitiser the Show
Digestive biscuits.

A while back, we did a Digitiser special on the surreal Teletext magazine. For non-UK sorts, this was a Teletext video game type of “website” thing in the 1990s on Teletext (a TV information retrieval service) that was enormously popular.

Why? Mainly as it didn’t really have much to do video games, despite being a publication about them, instead focussing on surreal humour. Gee, do you think we got some inspiration?

Digitiser the Show

Digitiser ran from 1993 through to 2003, with its editor Mr. Biffo (real name Paul Rose) leaving due to Channel 4’s irritating sense of bureaucracy.

Rose spent the following years writing for various minor kids TV shows, but by circa 2013 fired up his gaming interest again and launched the Digitiser2000 website.

But that’s too boring. FOR HIM! And us. So, he set off a Kickstarter to help fund a new retro gaming channel on YouTube.

You know what? Not even a decade of austerity, wage stagnation,  and a housing crisis here in the UK could stop us contributing £1,000 to that! Sorry, we meant £10. Yes.

Rose, as Mr. Biffo, is the host. But he’s joined by an assortment of other people. They’re all British. It’s a British show, what do you expect?

There’s Paul Gannon, Gaming Jenny, Octav1us, Larry Bundy, and other stuff (there’s more on the show bit further below).

Those other folks all have YouTube channels, but Gannon is our favourite as he was immediately charismatic and lined up some of the best laughs thanks to his charisma and obvious personality clicking with Mr. Biffo.


Yeah, so the first episode was above…  but it’s now offline as Mr. Biffo works on editing it to a higher standard. Although there wasn’t much wrong with it, in our opinion, as we don’t get hepped up about minor niggling issues.

But there’s an episode further into series above. Should you have a spare 40 minutes. Despite the potential for cringe-worthy horror, it manages to avoid it all! As a first episode, it is in fact great.

Video game TV shows have always been bloody dreadful, really, except for occasional moments on GamesMaster and Bad Influence (here in the UK). Video game to film adapations are even worse.

So! Follow the channel. There will be more episodes. It will be refined. You don’t have to contribute any cash.

And it’s great fun. Proper retro gaming. Some really goddamn bizarre surreal humour. And not as much profanity as you might expect. It is British, after all.

And as an edit here in January 2020, the YouTube channel pumps out some amusing things involving this and that.

Like, Beanus. I mean just Google that to discover how incredibly disturbing (and yet so appealing) a character can be. Because Beanus likes beans.

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