Superman on the N64: Mike Matei’s Heroic Playthrough Journey

Superman on the N64 - Mike Matei

Seemingly in an attempt to drive himself insane, the Angry Video Game Nerd‘s Mike Matei did the impossible.

He took on the legendarily awful Superman on the N64. But that’s not a successful trip. If you’ve got a spare 10 hours, you can watch every horrific minute. But we really want to draw attention to part one.

Cinemassacre Plays Superman

For a catch up, Superman on the N64 is one of the worst games of all time. A lazy, cynical piece of nonsense rolled out under stressful production timelines.

And whilst the game was actually a hit (relying on its name only) it’s gone down in history as a pile of bad stuff.

From the above clip, Matei struggles with the first proper level. Big time. And it gets worse. The game is legendary for its impossibly lazy “fly through rings” levels. But it does have proper missions as well.

And that’s where the bugs kick in. We played, and abandoned, the title back circa 2007 after picking the game up for cheap on a trip to Amsterdam.

But we would not subject ourselves to a full playthrough. Ever.

So full credit to Matei. And refer to the clip above. For a complete list of his issues, refer to below. And this is really quite stunning:

  • 25 minutes: Begins “proper” level. Get used to this one for the next two hours! Glitches and staggering game design incompetence await.
  • 1 hour 20 minutes: Signs of frustration with the level’s boss.
  • 1 hour 24 minutes: Signs of fury at disastrous control system.
  • 2 hours 24 minutes: “Where’s the girl!?” mental breakdown. “I can’t take this anymore.”—”It’s just like… I’m fighting the game itself.”
  • 2 hours and 53 minutes: Success! Completion of the level. Staggering realisation of this idiotic achievement. Borderline incomprehension that he can save the game and advance. Borderline mental breakdown. A dissection of everything wrong with the bloody thing.

Ultimately (and you can follow the other parts from the above clip), Matei completed Superman on the N64. Of course, that is something to be proud of.

And, yes, we hail him for that. As if this thing can reduce a patient and likeable YouTube chap into frothing madness… well, then it at least made for good entertainment.


    • Well Matei completed Dragon’s Lair without too many difficulties. Although it’s one idiotic game, it relies on repetition and following the game’s (again, idiotic) patterns. Whereas Superman is just broken.

      Still, makes for fun viewing seeing others torture themselves with it.

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