Super Sunshine & Lollipops Blogger Award 64

Sunshine Blogger Challenge
If you think it’s sunny in Manchester, you have scurvy.

Red Metal has it in for us, it seems. Here’s another Sunshine Blogger nomination. Well, what? Not only is the blog RED it’s METAL, apparently. Oooooh, do you think we’re scared!? Eh!?

Well, we can assure you we’re only marginally petrified due to the instances of mild peril that appear to be on hand.

Anyway, some questions were set. And that’s great because our planned post for today wasn’t going well so it’s ta very much to this one.

Have you ever been involved in an emergency situation (e.g. a burning building/an earthquake)?

Yeah, in 2008 there was a football riot in Manchester city centre. The UEFA cup match was between Zenit St Petersburg and Glasgow Rangers.

After the big screens failed in Piccadilly Gardens, a full scale riot erupted from the Rangers fans. We were working in Wetherspoons at the time as 23 year olds.

“The Battle of Piccadilly” is what some morons dubbed it. “A Demonstration By Halfwit Drunkards” is our take.

Such scenes of mayhem… we’ll never forget the sudden rushes of the Glaswegian fans towards the Greater Manchester police force. Roars of fury and all that. Plus the city centre resembling a war zone the next day.

All because some big screens failed. Oh, and as technicians tried to fix the screens Glaswegian fans pelted them with glass bottles. And then complained about the issues after the event, blaming Manchester’s inability to host the event.

What is the worst film you’ve ever seen in theaters?

It has to be Tim Burton’s 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot. Terrible.

What is the best film you’ve ever seen in theaters?

I saw Jaws in 2016 on a rerelease, which was a glorious experience. Spoiled mildly by some mother letter her kid talk all the way through.

But I’m British, complaining isn’t on.

What is the strangest method by which you discovered a work you enjoy?

Dunno. Erm… maybe a random purchase of Moscow Stations and The Last Shots from bookshops in Nottingham and London, respectively.

I got them as I liked the front covers, yet they’re excellent pieces of literature. Lucky, eh?

What do you feel is the greatest compilation of collected works in your collection (of games/films/music/books/etc.)?

I listen to a lot of classical music so there are obvious answers there. But for games, I’d suggest The Legend of Zelda. It’s so instrumental in setting new boundaries of excellence.

Have you ever re-experienced a work you enjoyed a long time ago only to determine it has not aged well?

Various Nintendo 64 games haven’t aged at all well, due to the awkward shift into 3D at the time.

Goldeneye 007 springs to mind. A landmark title back in 1997 that interested even Mother Wapojif. She was able to complete the first level.

Unfortunately, by today’s standards the game is rubbish.

Have you ever re-experienced a work you hated (or were indifferent towards) a long time ago only to warm up to it?

When I first read Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur in 2005 I didn’t like it at all. But revisiting in 2008 I found it very poignant and engaging.

What is your favorite opening theme to a television show?

It’s not our outright favourite, but we still love the Bottom intro.

It perfectly encapsulates the two characters of Richie and Eddie. Plus, Ade Edmondson’s (Eddie) band The Bum Notes recorded the track.

Excluding Western comic books, what series with a single, ongoing narrative do you feel has (or had) gone on for far too long? In other words, I’m not counting shows or other forms of media with entirely self-contained episodes such as The Simpsons or anthological works such as The Twilight Zone with this question.

Well we’re going with The Simpsons anyway. Funnily enough (HAHAHAHAH!) the post we delayed today is about flanderisation, a TV trope the show it now notorious for.

The Simpsons was a stunning TV show for around eight seasons. Unmissable and borderline genius.

Now it’s a desperate cash cow that exists only to rake in more money.

Otherwise we suggest Love Island needs to end in order for us all to aim for a higher level of cultural intelligence. *BBbeellLLCh* Excuse us.

Have you ever been invested in a series only to be heartbroken when it was cut short with no resolution?

Futurama’s troubled history was annoying, but the subsequent revival and disappointing series ensured that it’s first four season run was more than enough.

Arrested Development much the same.

Do you prefer hardcover or paperback books?

We’re not fussed. We usually choose paperback so we can easily store them in our bags when we’re travelling about.

If we didn’t do that we’d go for hardcover as they’re more robust and prone to being more profound and more likely to last until the day we die.


  1. Jeez, first you had to escape a burning building due to your roommate’s poor judgement and then you had to deal with a soccer riot? And here I thought my story involving a propane explosion couldn’t be beaten. I don’t care how far gone some people say video game fandoms are – they have absolutely nothing on crazed football fans in terms of jackassery.

    2001 Planet of the Apes was pretty bad, but I’d say Knowing was worse.

    You certainly got lucky. If we’re going for rescreenings, then I’d say the best film I saw in theaters was the original Star Wars.

    Discovering a works can sometimes be a matter of catching a minor detail at the exact right time, huh?

    Yeah, I don’t think there’s another video game series out there that can beat Zelda in terms of consistency. Mario maybe, but I still feel Zelda’s high points are better.

    I still like playing Goldeneye, but I don’t think I could really defend it from someone who thought it to be outdated.

    That’s kind of how I felt about Drive. At first, I didn’t like it, but after reflecting upon it, I thought it was a solid effort (if slightly overhyped).

    Isn’t Bottom that show whose creators deliberately named it in such a fashion so as to cause a moment of awkwardness?

    Yeah, I won’t deny The Simpsons deserves to be mentioned even if it doesn’t fit the question. And you guys have trashy reality shows too? I was hoping it was endemic to us, but I guess not. I feel for you.

    I didn’t watch either show back in the day, but I can imagine fans were quite angry over those shows getting canceled considering how popular they were.

    That’s probably the most nuanced answer I’ll see. I myself think there’s something a special about hardcover books – they just come across as more professional to me for some reason. It’s especially interesting seeing manga volumes in hardcovers because the spine is on the right (when viewing the front of the book).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah it’s all go in England, not as peaceful as it’s made out to be. The 2011 nationwide riots spring to mind, too.

      Bottom, if you’ve not seen it, was by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson (who also helped with The Young Ones). Very funny, but initially they thought about calling it Your Bottom. Then people would say, “Hey, did you see your bottom on TV?” But the idea is they’re at the bottom of society, the show was adapted from Beckett’s Waiting For Godot. Factorama!

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  2. Legend of Zelda is one of the best game soundtracks ever created. I rank it up there with Final Fantasy. I’d be hard pressed to say which is better even though FF is my favorite. Zelda is my second favorite game series, and it’s a very close second. I may like a Legend of Zelda better than a Final Fantasy, and that LOZ would definitely be Breath of the Wild, which is a masterpiece (cannot wait for the sequel eeeeee).

    I bought a book based on its cover once, and it wound up being one of my favorites, as well!

    Not a fan of the later Futurama’s eh? Well, I think this is something we can amicably disagree on as a matter of preference. I love that entire series. I think my favorite episode is Prisoner of Benda where they all body switch. Oh we can’t agree to disagree. When they break out your fisticuffs, sir!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually really like season 8 of Futurama, I should have been clear there. I thought they got things back on track there. But there was a slight wavering around season six. I need to revisit it all again to be honest as I do love the show.

      Fisticuffs is welcome anyway. It’s American VS Britain… bring it oooon!!!!

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