Little Misfortune: Macabre & Fun Interactive Story

Little Misfortune

This dark and comical interactive story from Sweden’s Killmonday Games follows the life of Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez.

She’s an imaginative eight year old out to find a present for her mummy—eternal happiness. Nice!

Little Misfortune

Behind the project is a two person team of Natalia Martinsson and Isak Martinsson. They relied on crowfunding for their first game: Fran Bow.

And this is their second effort! Very intriguing it is too, with an excellent graphical style and a witty script.

Plot? With her new friend Mr. Voice, Misfortune heads out into the woods… and all manner of weird stuff then unfolds.

Although clearly leaning towards a satirical and unsettling sense of idealism shattered, there are also sweet moments to the experience.

There are all sorts of amusingly morbid images going on, such as when Misfortune meets everybody’s best mate Death.

It lasts for around three hours, so it’s a short but sweet indie experience.

Primarily the narrative arc is linear, but this isn’t supposed to be a massive MMORPG type thing to test your gaming skills to the limit.

It’s about the dark humour, as Misfortune does indeed get involved in some daft incidents and whatnot.

There are various endings you can unlock, but the most common one appears to be the one in the above full playthrough.

If you’ve got a spare three hours, watch it for some interesting art design and voice acting.

We got this on Steam (that means it’s on the PC, non-gamers) and enjoyed our time with it. The dank and dark humour is kind of ideal for us and we loved how Misfortune does, indeed, bumble from one unfortunate incident to the next.

But the game has a great heart and we can recommend it if you’re looking for a dastardly tale of lost innocence and morbid curiosity.

But it isn’t a video game in the traditional sense. More like watching a cartoon and pressing a button at certain prompts. Not for everyone, but we enjoyed it all the same.


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