Arnold Noises: EAUGH! Celebrating Schwarzenegger’s Best Sounds

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall making Arnold noises

It wasn’t enough to praise Schwarzenegger’s contributions to instant noodles, because now we’re remembering his movie career!

Specifically, the various unusual soundbites and noises he’s added to the world of cinema. You know the one. It’s like, “EAauughhHH!” Indeed.

Big Arnie Noises

Kicking things off with Total Recall here, as that film one is arguably the very peak of Arnold noises.

To be clear, we’re not on about his various one-liners here. Not “I’ll be back” or “If it bleeds, we can kill it”.

No. It’s the various grunts, straining, and other physical effort that leads to Arnold Schwarzenegger emitting odd noises.

Arnold noises began in the 1980s and kind of stopped after Jingle All the Way (1996). We can’t recall as much of this stuff over the last 20 years or so.

Granted, Schwarzenegger stopped acting for a bit to do politics in America.

But he’s back acting now. And not making these sorts of noises in the likes of Escape Plan (2013).

If you think we’re being weird with this, for a start check out the website you’re on. Professional Moron? Yes.

Also, Google around to find much appreciation for Arnold noises. Our favourite is 101 Soundboards, which:

“Contains over 425 of the best and most popular sounds from Arnold Schwarzenegger, including ‘Get to the Chopper!’, ‘Who is your Daddy’, and much, much, more.”

The Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard contains many gems. Truly, this is a dream come true for film buffs.

For example, there are quotes from his films. Or real life. Whichever the one below relates to—perhaps he was buying an ice cream in California.

Gems like that turn the whole site into a veritable soundboard of Arnold noises. Which is probably why it’s called 101 Soundboards. Huh. Clever!

Anyway, here’s an Arnold noise out in the wild.

And last but not least, let’s end with Arnold Schwarzenegger having a nice conversation about cake. That’s from The 6th Day.

Now, Mr. Schwarzenegger is still acting. So let’s hope he can return to his roots and get a few more of these down soon. Yes? Eaugh!


    • The other day I said “I’ll be back” at work. And only afterwards did I feel like The Terminator. Other than that, I’d have to take up bodybuilding to do proper Arnold noises.


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