Mandagon: Engaging Platformer Steeped in Tibetan Theology


Here’s a beautiful looking free-to-play platformer available on Steam. It’s all about the Tibetan theology and philosophy. Nice!


From indie game team Blind Sky Studios, this a thoughtfully short and sweet artistic little adventure.

The free factor drew us in a few years back and we gave it a whirl. And then we remembered it recently whilst checking out Steam library. It’s still an excellent, relaxing game.

Very short, yes, but that’s often the point with indie titles. And Mandagon reminds us a fair bit of other relaxing romp Tengami.

The concise waltz contemplates life and death, with the nature of true sacrifice the central goal.

We’re not really up on Tibetan theology, but the game explores the concept of Bardo—meaning limbo (check out Limbo of the Lost for ways to handle that concept atrociously).

It’s the type of game you can just watch in action, really, as it’s so short. But the goal is to traverse the arena you’re in to reach a mysterious goal.

In terms of aesthetics, it looks a fair bit like FEZ, an indie classic inspired by Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland.

Considering it’s free, Mandagon is a mighty fine achievement. It’s engaging and charming, with compelling developments to keep you playing to the end.

We completed it in one sitting back in 2016. And think about it fairly regularly—a simple but impactful adventure that makes you think a little harder.

So, yes, it’s available on Steam and now Android. At no cost! If you’re looking for something interesting and eye-catching to take your mind off things, you can’t do much wrong.

Blind Sky Studios is actually located in the UK (split between Cardiff and Bath) and is now working on a sequel to Mandago. Most excellent news, dudes.


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