Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Watch—LCD Review Ahoy

The Super Mario Bros. 3 gaming watch by Nintendo.
Rock on!

In the early 1990s, Nintendo released a gaming watch. It featured an LCD version of the landmark classic Super Mario Bros. 3. Hurray!

The Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Watch

Okay, this is an LCD adaptation of Super Mario Bros. 3. To say it’s not as good as the NES classic is an understatement.

It’s all more along the lines of the Game & Watch series, such as with Mario’s Cement Factory.

For the record, what you do in this watch game is use the four blue buttons at the base of the watch. These control Mario.

The aim is to leap about the place, use a series of lifts, avoid the baddies, and save Princess Peach (in classic Super Mario fashion).

We can’t remember being any good at the game. In fact, we remember dying pretty much as soon as we tried moving anyway.

If anything, it’s a sort of adaptation of Nintendo’s arcade classic Donkey Kong.

Did You Enjoy Nintendo’s Gaming Watch?

Yes, we had one of these! We have a specific memory of sitting in class bored one summer in 1995. The watch was what kept us entertained.

Our teacher was Mrs. Pryor so, yeah, no surprise we were bored! Are we right, fellow classmates of 1995!? Burn!

Anyway, when not busy with POGs or conkers, at school we had to arse about and burn the time in one way or another.

Seeing as Nintendo’s Game & Watch series was easy for a teacher to spot, this nifty little watch did the trick.

But things like this had a certain wonder about them in the 1990s. A simple watch like this could capture your imagination.

However, we couldn’t really find much information about this thing online. Nintendo has produced loads of knickknacks like this over the decades.

But this one was the work of Nelsonic Industries (now defunct). It’s licensed by Nintendo, so it clearly gave permission to go ahead.

Nelsonic created seven of these in total, with the Super Mario Bros. 3 gaming watch launching in 1990.

So this watch was somewhat lost to time, apart from the small army of folks online who want to champion and remember the thing.

Of course, the thing also doubles up as a watch.

This meant we could play this minimalistic title and always be aware of the time of day. Or set an alarm, forcing us up to head off to school. Perfection!

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