Super Mario Bros 3 is Still Amazing, Don’t you Know?

Super Mario Bros. 3
All hail!

Ah, Super Mario Bros 3! We’ve always claimed classic games are unaffected by the passing of time and the development of technology. It’s like the film Jaws – timeless despite modern CGI effects. It’s the same with games, and Super Mario Bros. 3 one heck of an example.

It’s an 8 bit NES game released in 1988 in Nippon (1991 in Europe) which is just so gosh darned lovely and brilliant to play. It simply makes one happy sitting here thinking about it. There’s so much to enthuse about, such as how Mario can slide down a hill on his arse straight into a bunch of enemies. Wonderbar! Then Mario, the crazed maniac, can FLY when he gets a feather power up.

Super Mario Bros 3

Our editor Mr. Wapojif has a long history with the Mario series. As a wee kid of around 5, sitting captivated by this bizarre thing, he found himself guiding Mario through incredibly imaginative levels with seemingly endless hidden items to find and areas to explore. That was Mario Bros, the first game, which came packaged with the equally legendary Duck Hunt (where, rather cold bloodedly, you shot ducks with a fake gun).

Mario Bros Bros. 2 built on the formula, but Super Mario Bros. 3 really did away with linear gameplay as it felt like you could do anything. The power! Even people who don’t play video games will no doubt know of the game. You won’t be aware of its lasting impact on the industry, though, as to this day it remains a shining beacon of excellence.

We downloaded it to our Wii U, like, 18 months ago and have enjoyed digging on it relentlessly. What struck us, asides from its lasting brilliance, is how difficult it is. Damned difficult, especially the final world. We’ve discussed this in the past on Professional Moron, how NES games were made extremely difficult on purpose to make them last longer, and here’s another example. It’s enough to make grown men cry! And we did! Loads!

If you’re up to the challenge then, get your 3DS or Wii U updated with this gem of a game and take on the world of Mario. If you’re not fired up already, take another look at the trailer up above. Hooray!


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