Hotshot Racing: Enjoyable & Daft Racing Revving Racer

Hotshot Racing
Hot stuff!

Here’s a fun, fast, and furious celebration of retro arcade racing titles. Think of Out Run and others—it’s a blast from the past!

Hotshot Racing

This is a game you really just throw yourself into and learn the ropes as you go along. Classic arcade style—right down to the deliberately polygonal graphics.

It’s a joint developer venture in England with Sheffield’s Sumo Digital Ltd. and London’s Lucky Mountain Games.

And this really is a homage to arcade classics of yesteryear. Which Hotshot Racing nails in every way possible.

The idea is to win races. Obviously. So you pick your colourful car and off you go, with flat out power drifting racing.

Power sliding is the name of the game in Hotshot Racing. You need to master that skill quickly to get round corners at speed.

But the game is very much geared towards providing close racing. So there’s no flooring it and pulling out 30 seconds leads.

The computer racers will always be with you. This makes for close racing, of course, in an artificial sense.

Some of the finishes are ludicrous, with a final surge to the finish line and a seemingly impossible victory of a few tenths of second.

Yeah, the game is very self-aware of its ludicrous nature. Which is what adds to the fun. You’re not going into this one expecting a super serious experience.

You’re simply playing Hotshot Racing to enjoy the 1990s heyday of daft, dumb arcade racing games.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a dumb old racer is what you need in life—Riptide GP did that for us in 2019.

Hotshot Racing is pretty to look at, bare bones as an experience, and very much aware of that. It’s a pick up and play type romp you can’t help but like.

So, why not give this a whirl? It’s available on pretty much anything. Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and all that.

Go forth, hotshot, and race it up a notch.

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