64 Trump Collection: Alice no Waku Waku Trump World—Card Game on the N64

64 Trump Collection Alice - No Waku Waku Trump World on the N64

No, this game has nothing to do with presidential loser Donald Trump. It’s actually a rather obscure, Japanese-only Nintendo 64 game. Hurray!

64 Trump Collection: Alice no Waku Waku Trump World

This card-based video game is also based on Alice in Wonderland and was a Japan-only released on August 7th, 1998.

It’s now so obscure there’s very little information about it online. We know Japanese developer Bottom Up was responsible for it.

We also know it’s a very odd decision for a Nintendo 64 game. Really, a card game based on Lewis Carroll’s book from 1865? Pretty surreal decision there.

The front cover for the title gives it away, with The White Rabbit featuring heavily.

64 Trump Collection - Alice no Waku Waku Trump World N64 box

The title translates into English as, “Alice’s Exciting Trip to Trump World”. So, yeah, a trump is a playing card that goes above its normal rank in trick-taking type card games.

The game wasn’t overly well received by the gaming press, especially outside of Japan.

The UK’s N64 Magazine threw itself behind a review and had this to say:

“[It’s] an unfathomable Alice in Wonderland-themed card game … a real Lennie Bennett of a game.”

Bennett was an English comedian and games show host, if you’re unaware!

Anyway, looking at it now the graphical style is actually rather good. Colourful! And the sound effects are pretty decent.

Our main gripe is this… why make a card-based game for the Nintendo 64 about Alice in Wonderland? Why, Bottom Up?

This thing would have cost the equivalent of £50 in Japan—why not just get a pack of cards and play whatever game you fancy there?

We remember Bottom Up (株式会社ボトムアップ) from the mid-1990s in some of the SNES magazines we used to read. The Japanese developer specialised in random oddity titles.

Unfortunately, it went bankrupt in 2000 and is consigned to total obscurity. Primarily as most of its games were only released in Japan.

Well, we’ve still got some lingering love for the developer. No matter how bizarre its projects from the 1990s well and truly were.


  1. The art style in this game really reminds me of Paper Mario. It’s kind of a shame the developer went bankrupt because these are the kinds of games you see before a great developer gets their bearings.

    Also, I think the actual video-game equivalent of Trump would be Don’t Buy This.

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    • Yes! A bit of Paper Mario, a bit of the between level segments of Yoshi’s Story. I do miss Bottom Up. Maybe I’ll try and dig up the developer’s history, but as most of it is in Japanese I’m a bit stumped.

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