Unto the End: Snowy Platformer With Heavy Breathing

Unto the End
End this.

Here’s a brooding 2D romp from two-person indie team 2 Ton Studios. It’s a stunning, but bleak, platformer with survival elements. Huzzah!

Unto the End

The game tells the story of a father on a journey to reunite with his family.

It’s a cinematic platformer along the lines of INSIDE, Prince of Persia, and Another World.

But 2 Ton Studios has tried hard to make the gameplay experience “different”. The game boasts about this early on.

For example, the character can drop his sword. Combat is multi-layered. And you need to heal at appropriate times or you’ll bleed to death.

Whilst such ideas are great, the general reaction to the game isn’t so great. Divisive! And we’re in the, “Urgh, it’s a bit annoying…” camp.

Which is a shame, as there’s still a lot to like about Unto the End. Its sense of atmosphere is incredible and it looks beautiful.

Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean the game will be any good. Gameplay is all-important! And the title is a bit of a frustrating stop-start experience.

Although we can commend 2 Ton Studios for its efforts to try some new things. It just doesn’t quite work out in the way it was hoping.

It’s a shame to have to write this, as the studio has clearly put a huge amount of love and effort into the game.

On the plus side, there are great little touches to lift proceedings. The protagonist feels very alive—as he trudges about in the snow, he breathes heavily and reacts to the world around him.

It’s a tough but rewarding game if you stick with it, too, but is consequently lacking the pick up and play accessibility of many indie games.

Many criticisms online are about Unto the End’s combat system, which many find unstable and prone to pot luck.

There’s a tutorial stage where you learn the basics, but in the end we generally just went for button bashing to kill enemies.

One frustrating element also involves sudden deaths. The scenery will suddenly come alive and wipe you out with a booby trap, which then may take repeated deaths to work out a way around it.

Cue an annoyingly long re-load screen for this before having another go. INSIDE did this a lot better.

It’s not like we came into this wanting to find it mediocre. The concept is fantastic, we love this type of indie genre, and it looks sensational.

There’s no denying some gamers out there like the game, too, so all we can say is get out there and give it a go.

We think it’s worthy of a try, but just prepare yourself to either love or hate the thing.

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