Bowser’s Fury: Super Mario Meets Godzilla

Bowser looking imposing as a monster in Bowser's Fury

Bundled with the Nintendo Switch edition of Super Mario 3D World, we have Bowser’s Fury. And this is something a little bit different. Meow? Roar!

Bowser’s Fury

This is Nintendo’s first bit of new 3D Mario platforming since Super Mario’s Odyssey (2017). And it’s very welcome.

Along with the Wii U port of the main game’s title, we get this experimental jaunt. It all launched on 12th February 2021.

Bowser’s Fury is like an assault course where you head off exploring.

There are no levels. It’s just on big open-world, with some in the gaming press suggesting it’s the Mario equivalent of Breath of the Wild.

You team up with baby Bowser Jr., whose father is going utterly mental.

Bowser materialises in the world occasionally like a giant Godzilla-type monster, rampaging at Mario with wild abandon.

In-between this lunacy, he disappears and Mario can collect cat stars in traditional task completing fashion.

You run from one area to the next in a vibrant little world completing fun little missions.

Bowser’s Fury isn’t an enormous add-on, as the main feature to the package is Super Mario 3D World.

It’s kind of like having a few extra levels of that bunged onto an already excellent title.

However, there’s enough going on here to warrant the purchase. Some of the intricacies are very charming indeed—typical Nintendo fun hoo-hah.

For example, in Mario’s cat suit you come across some other cats and you all have a bit of a snuggle.

The fun of the experience is complemented by a beautiful game world and an uplifting soundtrack.

And the violin session reminds us of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy. Like a redneck showdown.

Other pieces are more orchestral and sweeping, which non-gamers my be surprised to find is the series’ general approach now.

Amongst the fast-paced platforming, Bowser’s Godzilla moments make an unusual break from other Mario titles.

You can eventually get into a giant cat suit and then duke it out with him!

That’s all great fun and rather entertaining. And Bowser’s Fury is an invigorating (if short) romp that’s had mixed reviews.

Some suggest it’s too short and forgettable. Each to their own, but we find that a bit of a miserable state of mind.

Yes, it’s quite short. But it’s brilliant fun whilst you’re playing it.

Plus, it makes us wonder what Nintendo has in store for the next full 3D Super Mario title. A bit more of this open-world format would be a brilliant approach.

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