Loop Hero: Looping Hell! This Roguelike RPG is Addictive

Loop Hero the indie game
Loop the loop!

Do you want to be a creative hero!? Russian indie studio FourQuarters wants you to be! As in Loop Hero you’re in a randomly generated world where you build your environment.

It’s an innovative roguelike RPG adventure and it’s quite difficult to describe it. But it’s a lot of fun and gets addictive, so let’s dive on into this SOB!

Loop Hero Let’s You Control All the Cards

Right, how do you describe this thing? You can kind of sum it up as an idle game auto-battler with deck building tile placements.

If that makes no sense to you, then the trailer above should help. But there’s really nothing else we can think of with this bizarre merger of gameplay genres and mechanics.

Roguelikes games such as Enter the Gungeon are familiar to many gamers… but this!? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?

Loop Hero isn’t totally unique as there are similar indie games, apparently, but it’s a bit of a new one on us.

It’s an endless RPG where you loop around a series of titles in a destroyed world.

There’s a plot attached to that concept. Basically, an evil lich has annihilated everything and you, a lone hero, awake in a small camp. From there, you must forge a path ahead and rebuild the world tile by tile.

You loop around a path, do battle, power-up your character RPG style, and decide the areas of the map to develop.

It’s really a game you should watch in action, and study a bit, before starting. And if that doesn’t appeal to you, then Loop Hero probably isn’t for you.

But with its NES aesthetic and awesome soundtrack, we found it weirdly compelling. Rapidly so—it draws you in with its mysterious ways.

Sure, Loop Hero isn’t for everyone. It’s a weird mix bag of everything. It’s confusing at first and you need to dedicate some time to master all of it.

Our suggestion is check out a few YouTube beginner’s guides videos before starting.

As for your efforts you’ll find a really rather engaging and charming, if unusual, RPG with all sorts of creative carnage going on.

Full marks for innovative effort here. It’s not always a triumph, but when on the many occasions it hits the mark Loop Hero will make you smile like an idiot.

Headbang to Loop Hero’s Soundtrack

Loop Hero’s proper belting soundtrack is by Russian composer blinch. Yes, that’s his… musical name, we guess!

There’s a lot of fast-paced NES era style beeps and bloops. That’s become fairly common in many indie games these days.

But there are changes in style as well, leaning on the enigmatic nature of the game as it all unfolds. It’s kind of like Blade Runner in some respects.

The soundtrack is very effective and works brilliantly with the nature of the game. Bravo, blinch!

You could almost say… stick the record ON A LOOP so you can listen to it over and over. Because the game is called Loop Hero! Yeah?

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