Aliens: “Game over, man!” Quote Off Extravaganza!

Aliens 1986 film - This Time It's War
Game under?

After our recent look at “They mostly come at night… mostly” and “Get away from her, you bitch!” it’s time for another Aliens classic!

This time it’s all the work of Hudson, the cocky dude who loses his nerve big time once things hit the fan.

Although Hudson does eventually go out in a heroic blaze of glory, he was prescient enough to realise the game was, indeed, over. But… what if he’d flunked his lines!?

Game over, man! Game over!

Here’s the much-missed Bill Paxton ad-libbing his way into movie history. That’s right! This wasn’t in the script.

And his line has now gone down in HISTORY. Good. As it’s a fitting way to sum up the whole situation. The cadets are stranded on planet LV-426 and it’s a bit of a bummer.

Insurance claim over, man!

Game Over DKC3 screen

Indeed, the entire Aliens film expedition is one disastrous situation for any insurance company and its recipients. Or something. Is that how insurance works? We’re not sure, but you can’t claim anything if you’re dead.

Defame over, man!

Hudson in Aliens

Defamation is a terrible crime. Probably. It’s usually one of those things people who stand up for free speech use when they don’t like something nasty said about them and, instead of just rising above the situation, have to make a big deal about it in court for months on end.

Our top tip? DON’T defame a xenomorph! It’ll get angry, grab you, cocoon you, and then you’ll have one of those things burst out of you. Not fun, man!

Game over, Superman!

Game Over DKC3 screen

Wrong film, Hudson. Wrong film.

However, we certainly would love to see a prequel where Hudson takes on Superman and the pair of them exchange glares. That’d be great!

Game over, Anne!

Hudson in Aliens

Hudson… who is Anne? What has Anne got to do with the situation you’re finding yourself in on that planet? Think logically!

Game over, attention span!

Game Over DKC3 screen

A bit of social commentary here on the waning attention spans in the smartphone, digital, 24/7 era. Prescient, Hudson! Prescient.

Family name over, man!

Hudson in Aliens

Hudson’s first name is Private First Class William L. Hudson. The L stands for Layabout ahaha. Hah!

Anyway, if Hudson doesn’t have kids (or siblings, or isn’t married) then we guess this movie brings about the end to the Hudson family name.

Damn. The world needs more Hudson.

Game over, bedpan!

Game Over DKC3 screen

This makes sense, you’d definitely want a bedpan in the Aliens situation. Hudson no doubt needed one several times throughout the journey of the narrative. Thankfully, we didn’t have to see that on screen.

Game over, woman!

Hudson in Aliens

This version of Hudson embraces the female presence of Vasquez, Ripley, and Newt. Well done, man! Er, woman.

Game over, human beings!

Game Over DKC3 screen

There we go, even more progressive with this one! Well done, Hudson!

Game over, frying pan!

Hudson in Aliens

Hudson? HUDSON!? He’s lost his crap with this one. Contact Freud from the dreams department, we believe this to be a lingering memory of Hudson’s days off and subsequent dreams of frying eggs.

Profanity over, man!

Game Over DKC3 screen

In the U rated version of Aliens, featuring fluffy bunny rabbits instead of slobbering xenomorphs, Hudson keeps it clean.

Just as well, as he does swear quite a bit in the adult version of Aliens. Remember, kids… swearing is wrong!

Chevrolet over, man!

Hudson in Aliens

Now is NOT the time to be thinking about automobiles, Hudson!

And finally…

Game over, suntan!

Game Over DKC3 screen

Indeed, Hudson was right! There were no further opportunities for any of the cast to develop their suntans on the desolate, cold, bleak world of LV-426. For shame!

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