Minit Fun Racer: Frenetic Bursts of Arcade Racing (all for charity)

Minit Fun Racer

Minit Fun Racer is from the makers of the 60 second bursts of Minit. The game is super cheap and was created so 100% of earnings could go to charity.

And you know what? It’s also a damn great fun little racing game. You have set bursts of time, power up, and go on to notch up higher scores.

Minit Fun Racer and the Pursuit of Sunsets

This one is available on Steam and The developers were Kitty Calis, Jukio, Jan Willem Nijman, Dominik Johann, and Dom.

It’s pretty simple stuff! You hop on your scooter and begin blasting through traffic. The aim is to get through the city to the beach, just in time to see the sunset.

Along the way you must collect coins and avoid obstacles. You can spend the cash wisely at the local shop. That way you can beef up your scooter and driving gear with stuff like:

  • A helmet
  • Better tyres
  • A horn
  • Special powerups

The final point includes stuff like hitting bins for speedups.

You’re up against a time limit, though, which is 10 seconds at first. Once the timer runs out you automatically crash and start all over again.

But the more coins you get, and the more upgrades you unlock, you can get further down the road. Here it is in action!

As with the best games like this, it quickly gets addictive. You can’t help but keep having another go as the action is fast-paced and great fun.

Sure, it’s a very short little game. But it was intended for charity, with its release in February 2021. Since then Minit Fun Racer has been included in various bundles in support of Ukraine during these difficult times.

There are a surprising amount of secrets and hidden depths to the title, too, if you really want to 100% max out its completion.

Sometimes the police chase you. At one point you can deliver pizza. And the delivers built in features where, if you play in the early hours, there are ghosts about the place.

Kitty Calis told Polygon about the game in early 2021:

“I think in these times, if you have the energy to, it’s very important to look after one another, helping out where you can.”

Can’t fault that, eh? And for only £2 this little gem is well worth your time, all while going to a grand cause.

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