Coffee Talk: Enjoy Fantasy Brews and Banter as a Barista

Coffee Talk the indie game

Remember that time we reviewed dating sim Speed Dating for Ghosts? Coffee Talk is a bit like that. Except there’s more coffee (and not as many dates).

It’s by Indonesian indie team Toge Productions and is classed as a visual novel (or a talking simulator). And it’s a chillaxed old time of it, if that’s your thing.

Visual Novel, Ahoy, in Coffee Talk

Ah, Coffee Talk… words can’t espresso how much you bean to me! The game reminds us of that Bryan Adams song with these lyrics.

“Everything I brew, I brew it for you.”

Brace yourselves for more puns, by the way, as we’ve decided that’s exactly what this review needs over the next 300 words or so!

The game is set in September 2020, Seattle of Washington. And that immediately makes you think of Frasier’s coffee house, eh?

Except in the game, it’s a fantasy version. There’s been a recent war and all sorts of elves, orcs, mermaids, and metamorphosing cats attend a local coffee house.

As the player, you star as the friendly barista employee. And you make the shop stand out by remaining open deep into the night.

Naturally, that attracts all sorts of weirdos. Including Freya, a fairy woman and writer on a coffee bender so she can get a draft for a novel down. You also meet various others along the way, chat to them, and share contemplate their stories. Here’s the opening section!

That clip is actually narrated by YouTuber Serien during his walkthrough. Normally, running commentaries like that annoy us considerably.

But… his voice! Seductive or what?! Give that man voiceover work!

Anyway, the gameplay in Coffee Talk is minimal. One of the few interactions you can have with Coffee Talk is to make the orders the NPCs (non-player characters) request.

Much to our amusement, we deliberately got these orders wrong to see how all the NPCs would react. That’s good fun, that is. Seriously, it made us laugh.

Anyway, the plot develops casually as you play. But it’s more about relaxation than anything else, playing like Japan only SNES romp Otogirisō as you watch on to see where the story goes.

The lo-fi chillhop punctuates the whole experience. Stuff like this.

However, there are no songs from The Beatles. That’s a shame, as their famous song Latte Be would be a great fit here.

Anyway! Coffee Talk may be a fantasy game, but it’s a microcosm of our big old real world. You meet a:

  • Couple whose parents disagree on their racial differences
  • Highly introverted octopus lady struggling with anxiety and creativity
  • The aforementioned metamorphosing cat lady

And you get to know them to the backdrop of that music, with a rainswept background, and hushed, huddled figures rustling along the night-time streets on their way home.

Coffee Talk? You mocha us very happy.

It may not appeal to a big chunk of the gaming community, but for anyone who likes the look of it you’ll find it charming and relaxing. It’s out on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is on the Way!

Many fans won’t be able to fully espresso their excitement, but a sequel is on the way! Yes, it’s Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly.

If you like your coffee and you like your indie games (or visual novels), truly this is about the best series on the go right now.

It’s expected for release in 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Drink loads of coffee, that’ll help keep you alert for it.


  1. Hey, I just played this, and it was a good time. Reminded me a lot of an older game I played, only about serving mostly alcohol to people in an oppressive cyberpunk city-state, called VA-11 Hall-A (I know, that title — pronounced Valhalla though.) I liked both a lot, however. Didn’t know about the sequel but I’ll look out for that.

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