Speed Dating For Ghosts: Enter the World of Dead Dating

Speed Dating For Ghosts

Love. It’s lovely, isn’t it? But what about loving dead people? Well, in classic video game fashion you get to find out all about that!

As in Speed Dating For Ghosts, you’re totally on the pull. For ghosts. Does it get anymore romantic than that!? We think not! Break out the romance bazooka and get ready to swoon in wonder!

Speed Dating For Ghosts and the Relentless Search for Love

If you’ve given our Lonely Hearts 2022: Women Seeking Men and Lonely Hearts 2022: Men Seeking Women a go… and failed. Then here’s a great online dating alternative!

It’s your chance to check out the spirits of the world in a bout of speed dating.

Now, we’ve covered before in obscure N64 romp Wonder Project J2 (1996) there are genuinely dating simulator video games.

The Bishōjo genre of games sees players digitally socialising with attractive women (in the above example, a robot woman). There are also Western sims like Super Seducer with real-life womaniser Richard La Ruina guiding players through seducing women. Erm… indeed.

Speed Dating For Ghosts is much more a cutesy (if macabre) concept that’s easy to fall in love with. Even if it makes you feel a little weird.

You start the game and meet Fran (the thing with antlers), who tells you the speed ghost dating process. You get to meet a bunch of ghosts and pick who you want to date.

We mean, who wouldn’t want to date this dreamboat?!

Monster in Speed Dating For Ghosts

That’s a vengeful spirit, who reveals he was previously called Gary and was an accountant. He has a dead-eyed, emotionless stare and often communicates through guttural, eerie groaning.

He warms to you after a bit, though, and starts revealing information about himself.

This isn’t the best info, to be fair, as it’s mainly just guttural moaning about how he can still feel “the blade”. Nice!

Speed Dating For Ghosts monster interaction

Naturally, we liked him best and went on a date with Gary to his former offices.

Gary turned up to the date wearing a bowtie! That was a nice little touch. Thoughtful, you know? A nice gesture.

Speed Dating for Ghosts with Gary wearing a bowtie

It’s always nice when men put the effort in, it shows they care.

Sure, he reveals during the date he murdered, in cold blood, his business partner. And was promptly gunned down by the police. But beggars can’t be choosers in the ghost dating world, as Gary has pledged to atone for his ways and become a good ghost.

We mean, who you going to pick? Gary… or this conceited dipshit?

Arrogant guy ghost in Speed Dating for Ghosts

Now you’ve joined the afterlife, it’s time to up your dating game and do better than when you were alive.

Frankly, we’ve had a look online and Gary was by far the most popular.

Seriously, everyone wants a bit of him. So, you’d better play Speed Dating for Ghosts quickly if you want to bag the babe.

Sure, there are other ghosts in there. Hattie likes gardening and vegetables, but looks like an assortment of ping-pong balls.

Then there’s Beau, who thinks he’s cool as he dresses like a punk.

Sod the lot of them, Gary is where it’s at! Former murderer in his previous life, turned reformed lovable snuggums in the afterlife. What’s not to love?

This one is by Copychaser Games in Calgary, Canada. Get the app! Find your dreamboat! Speed Dating for Ghosts is available on itch.io, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.


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