The Battle of Polytopia: Low Poly Strategy Sim With Lots of Colour

The Battle of Polytopia
Battle it out, yo.

Right! Here we have The Battle of Polytopia by Swedish indie team Midjiwan AB. It’s a vibrant looking turn-based 4X strategy game with a low poly visual style first launched in 2016.

It reminds us a bit of the classic strategy sim Settlers III (1998), which we played a lot as teenagers. But it’s got its own unique style. And we’re here to celebrate that.

Behold the Colourful Carnage in The Battle of Polytopia

You can get this SOB on Steam, Android, iOS, and macOS. The game first made its name on Android and iOS. But we picked this up on Steam.

It hasn’t made it to consoles and doesn’t seem likely to. But that’s probably for the best, as this type of game is best with a mouse or finger gestures. Innit.

Unlike a number of other strategy games we can think of, The Battle of Polytopia does provide you with a helpful intro walkthrough. That way, you can get to grips with the basics.

After that, it’s really down to you to go off taking turns across each arena. As it is, at its heart, a civilization building strategy game. Just a rather accessible one. The basics go as follows:

  • Explore your arena (you get a set number of moves per turn)
  • Do battle and conquer enemy bases
  • Unlock secret areas
  • Build new buildings and create more warriors

The maps you deal with are auto-generated, so every playthrough is a little different. And it’s all rather fast-paced. You do need to move and think quickly, rather than lethargically contemplate your next manoeuvre like a grand chess champion.

Yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s all too colourful and welcoming for that.

It’s a semi-serious strategy sim designed for popular on commutes, which is one reason it’s been so popular. We mean, take a look at it.

Yeah, so this thing isn’t on the level of something like more complex resource management sims like Factorio, Rome: Total War, or the Civilization series.

But that’s part of the appeal.

The Battle of Polytopia is more on the lines of a chillout strategy game like ISLANDERS, although the former does offer plenty of basic combat and enemy territory annihilation.

If you’re in a bloodthirsty mood, just in voxel-like graphics form, then it’s a great escapist distraction for you.

And it comes packing with an interesting soundtrack, too. Here’s a sample.

It’s been a big hit and well received by gamers. Many cite how they can just fire it up and have a whirl, with matches ending in under an hour.

That’s opposed to the 10+ hour slogs you’d need with Rome: Total War and all that jazz. Nothing wrong with that if you’re after a heavy experience, but here you’ve got it all in condensed form.

As with the best strategy games, it has that addictive quality you’re looking for.

But it never overwhelms and keeps its options cut back, so you’re always more inclined to think you’re having fun. Rather than believing yourself to be morphing into the next Genghis Khan.

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