Nobody Saves the World: Action RPG Romp With Dragons & Slugs

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is a unique action RPG dungeon crawler from Canadian indie team Drinkbox Studios. It launched in January 2022 and is available on Steam and all consoles.

It’s a curious mix of all sorts of things at once, but set to a fun transformation premise. You take control of a blank state pallid character and, subsequently, gain the power to morph into all sorts of gubbins. Hurray!

Even a Pathetic Nobody Saves the World This Time Out

The premise to this one reminds us a bit of 1998’s Space Station Silicon Valley on the N64, one of the console’s bizarre (but brilliant) oddities.

Basically, because you get to swap between a relentless array of different animals to complete tasks. So, yes, both similar!

In this one you star as Nobody (the white blank state thing you can see on the main image above). Then this other thing called the ancient Calamity wakes up and it’s your job to SAVE THE WORLD! 

Things start off with the familiar SNES era top-down RPG perspective. You take control of Nobody, who awakes to find a magical wand gifted upon him.

You can then head out into the vast overworld, shapeshift into all sorts of different characters, level up, and try to save the world. A bit like this!

There’s a fairy tale element to proceedings, one mixed with irreverent humour and a sense of wit. That’s one of the aspects we liked best about the game. Its willingness to embrace the absurd and offbeat.

However, at its core this is an RPG. And one of about 14 hours worth of length, making it a shorter indie experience.

The main focus remains your capacity to transform into various different forms, ranging from mice, to robots, and a rogue. But each thing your embody has different powers, enabling you to overcome obstacles or defeat baddies.

Basically, you need to combine the right transformation for the different set of circumstances Nobody comes across.

The good news is… it’s good fun! Along with its eye-catching aesthetic, the gameplay is fast-paced, humorous, and punchy.

Also, some nice tunes are within! The soundtrack is by Canadian composer Jim Guthrie and it’s a solid work. We didn’t found it outstandingly memorable, but it certainly keeps your foot tapping as you tootle along solving quests.

Nobody Saves the World has a great fun premise and it makes for an accessible RPG for all types of gamers.

It’s a great fun RPG, too! But it’s often let down by a dodgy form transformation menu. As it’s the core gameplay mechanic, and it’s fidgety as all hell to operate, that’s a bit of irritation. One flagged up by many critics and players online.

Additionally, some bits of the game lapse into plodding nothingness. As in… dull.

Yet away from the lulls, here’s an amusing, charming, and compelling little RPG that aims to amuse. In many ways, it’s at its best during the many, and varied, ridiculous side quests.

It’s an unconventional RPG, sure.

Drinkbox Studios did try something new here, for which it must be commended. And the oddball, engaging results should charm many players… just, perhaps, not all of them.

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