Tinykin: Brilliant 3D Platformer Channels Pikmin & Stuff

Tinykin the indie game

Here’s a fantabulous Pikmin inspired indie romp with 3D platforming along the lines of N64 era collectothons.

Tinykin is from the Montpellier indie team Splashteam, the ones responsible for the excellent 2017 platformer Splasher. We were stoked to try out the studio’s new adventure and… here we ruddy well go!

Hurl Cute Things at Objects in Tinykin

This thing launched on 30th August, 2022, and is available on all consoles (yes, even the TOTALLY STUPID and RUBBISH PlayStation Sux!!!) and Steam.

The emphasis in Tinykin is very much on free roaming platforming fun, kind of like a traditional ’90s romp. But modernised, in the way Yooka-Laylee was to riff on the N64 titles of yesteryear.

Tinykin has a similar feel—a polished, chirpy sheen to it.

Wrapped around that is this plot! You take control of a small space traveller called Milodane, who’s on a mission to discover more about the Universe. After arriving on one planet, a local asks you to journey across a two story home.

You have to explore vast rooms, collecting stuff along the way, getting new powers, and using the colourful little sprites Tinykin to hurl at stuff.

Some of them explode. Others drag things about for you. It’s that Pikmin element (from Nintendo’s cult hit series) adding a new dimension to the 3D platforming genre. And here it is in action, yo!

The levels are enormous! And intricately detailed. You’re tasked with going off exploring, whereupon you discover all sorts of oddities.

There’s a definite sense of classic ’90s Rare games here, with the developers trademark sense of charm offensive very present in Tinykin. But the game does have its own character, of course, not least with a great fun sponge surfboard option that lets you skate about the place quickly.

We must also note the game looks fantastic! It’s got a really distinctive visual style we find so very appealing. And the tunes to go with it are immense (more on that further below).

But above all else, the game is just a lot of damn fun.

You get your Tinykin. You hurl them about the place (and the control system for that works a treat) and you just bloody well love all of it.

Tinykin is excellent. No denying that. We have a big thing for it and we can recommend you give it a whirl—it’ll brighten up your bloody day, okay?

And There’s Tinykin’s Upbeat Soundtrack

French composer Alexis Laugier is responsible for Tinykin’s soundtrack.

It’s a fabulous thing, too, really adding quirky noises alongside an accomplished set of numbers that complement the gameplay rather magnificently.

The music bumbles away nicely in the background, never really overwhelming the experience and just putting you in the frame of mind to keep… on… exploring.

As that’s one of the things we like most about Tinykin.

You’re really encouraged to get out there and check out every nook and cranny in the game. Which is extra nice to the sound of all this.

Another fine example of indie game music, then, and well… video game music in general! And how the industry is allowing all these talented people to get their work heard.

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