World Domination: Part 1—Going For Glory

Napoleon Bonaparte just before heading off for lunch. He was often overly dramatic.

There are but two things keeping Professional Moron and its staff from complete and utter world domination it would seem.

The first part here (World Domination: Part 2 is there on that link) is a savagely immense name such as Ming the Merciless, Keith Chegwin, or Maggy Thatcher.

World Domination: Part 1

Okay, not too much to cover here. Just setting the foundations for what’s ahead! We mean, who exactly is going to be scared of the headline:

"Professional Morons in world takeover bid horror!"

Not us that’s for damn sure as mustard. Secondly, we lack any real devious insanity, knowledge of how to conquer stuff, and the skill required to lead such a part.

Our very own Mr. Wapojif was reading about Napoleon Bonaparte just this morning (in A Little History of the World) on the bus to work and he got to thinking: “Hmmmmm….” he opined, “But it was but nary a moment when there was but no more of thine senselessness of sense.”

With this he clicked his fingers, terrifying the old granny seated beside him, cackled insanely and leapt into work.

After nine hours of social conformity he returned home, informed his second working office (yes, we all live in the Professional Moron office away from our real jobs) of his stroke of genius, and what ho! Land ho! He began his devious scheme. So we got to plotting.

Now as Bonaparte managed to capture most of Europe for France in a few frenzied decades of glory, we’re aiming (what with modern technology) to be able to achieve our goals in about two months.

This should be fairly straight forward. We have jotted down a fair things we are going to need for this, with explanations as to why.

Well, we had. Then the computer did something highly annoying and “went back” as we attempted to place one of our devious pictures on.

We promptly lost all our hard work. We’re not doing it again. Not at this time of night when we have to be up in seven hours.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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