In Praise of Quiche

We’ve always been fond of Quiche in the Professional Moron office. It’s such an outlandish sounding food; keesh (if you were to spell it phonetically).

Quiche also rhymes with sheesh, which sounds a bit like Sheesh Kebab, although we’re not going down that route this merry day. Indeed. Anyway, Quiche is a traditional food made of pastry, eggs, onions, and the odd bit of broccoli.

There are some who say there is also gold dust within the pastry, but these people are simply completely insane and are not to be trusted. The real ingredients for pastry are salt, sugar, Semtex, and butter. Get to it!

It is said that Oscar Wilde used to eat seventeen Quiches for breakfast, whilst Genghis Khan would slaughter his enemies with one arm, whilst with his spare one (wrapped in the skin of his dead enemies) he would consume the Quiche delicacy and announce heartily; “I say! This is spiffingly terrific!”

So today, on this merry final day of November 2012, we salute the Quiche and wish it an excellent next 1,000 years of being ace! Hurrah!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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