The Cuteness of Pigs: Oink Your Way to a Happy Day

On the cuteness of pigs

There was, for some time, the popular belief what did go and float about pigs. They’re filthy stupid animals what done and flop about in mud and overeat.

Not so, of course, stupid humans! Pigs are very social beasts and are super intelligent. And the 1995 film Babe proved that to be the case!

Let us, then, explore this matter more seriously. It’s time to oink about it and dive on in to see these little darlings in action.

Pigs Are Cute and You Know It

The pig cute factor begins upon being (as in, their birth). Look at those cutesy little piglets above there. Proper adorable factor.

And whilst you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, piggies can back up their appearance with some awesome personality traits.

In his 2004 book The Whole Hog, Lyall Watson wrote:

“I know of no other animals [who] are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open mouthed enthusiasm. Pigs, I have discovered, are incurable optimists and get a big kick out of just being.”

They are a big like dogs with their behaviour. Loyal, yet with a boundless sense of fun and a keen desire to find out about stuff.

Like dogs, they can be highly amusing whilst going about exploring the world. Behold!

Pig are also very intelligent animals. That unfair category they fit into of being dumb and dirty is totally wrong.

Scientific research shows pigs are very complex. They have the capacity for:

  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Anxiety

That’s a wide range of emotions, man. Must be fun to go on a night out with them on the lash! Oh, right. Yes. Pigs don’t drink.

At least, not the ones in our Universe. We’ll oink to that!

And Don’t Forget to Watch the Film Babe

That’ll do, pig. Almost, at any rate. As we want to remind you about the existence of this film. It’s a fun one!

Actually, no, it’s an all-time classic.

Babe launched in 1995 and we saw it at a small independent cinema. And it was a magical experience, it was.

It remains a classic for kids and adults a like. Give it a watch! Go on. Oink.

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