Babe: “That’ll do, pig” Quote Off Extravaganza!

James Cromwell and the pig in Babe

After our recent (as in, yesterday) review of Babe, we’re now riffing off the film’s most excellent and famous one liner.

No, it’s not big or clever. But then if you want that sort of thing, you’re on the wrong blog.

You’re on the right blog if you want us to consider variations on this pig-based film quote. Let’s consider this.

That’ll do pig

The lovely original in all it’s loveliness. Will that do, pig? Yes, it will.

That will do, pig

A pig's snout

A bit more formal but, hey, the film is set in England after all. You have to be stuffy about some things. It’s the law!

That’ll do, twig

A piggy bank

Erm… Hoggett, it’s a pig. Right? No sticks or twigs are involved in the production of that film quote. Fool!

That’ll do, swig

A pig's snout

What? You’ve won the competition and now you’re taking a hit of moonshine? You foolish man, sir!

That’ll poo, pig

A piggy bank

Just… yeah. Nicely done, sir. You got a funny word in there. Lol.

That’ll do, Iggy Pop

A pig's snout

Slightly different type of film had he starred in it, but, we guess, if you’ve got a Lust For Life then why not?

That’ll do, Florida strangler fig

A piggy bank

Whatever the heck that is. We believe it’s a plant. Not Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin’s singer, but just a plant.

That’ll do, jig

A pig's snout

Sure. Can pigs jig? We guess so. Nothing wrong with a jigging piggy. Reminds us of the excellence that is Coincidance!

Combat will do, pig

A piggy bank

What, armed combat? We’re not sure little Babe would be overly ferocious. We guess if you stick a bazooka on anything it becomes a menace.

A bowler hat will do, pig

A pig's snout

Sure, Babe would look ace in a bowler hat! Daaaw.

That’ll coo, pig

A piggy bank

Pigs don’t coo, James Cromwell, they oink. Get your facts right!


A pig's snout

Indeed, sir. Indeed. Although you can say “coo” if it makes you feel better. We’re open to such opportunities here at Professional Moron.

That’ll accrue, pig

A piggy bank

What’ll accrue? Annual leave? Typically, holiday days will accrue over the course of four quarters, pertaining to a business’ policy and nature of employment contracts.

That’ll *achoo*, pig

A pig's snout

Jesus… not got coronavirus have you, farmer Hoggett? Isolation time for you, dipshit!

That’ll unscrew, pig

A piggy bank

What’ll unscrew? Hoggett… specifics needed here, given the context. Think, man!

That’ll bugaboo, pig

A pig's snout

As much as we like the noun “bugaboo”, Hoggett, we think you should just bugger off.

That’ll spew, pig

A piggy bank

What? Hoggett you’ve won this whole competition and you’re indicating you’re going to hurl? Just… keep it off your fetching pants.

That’ll do, offshore rig

A pig's snout

It’s… it’s a pig, Hoggett. Nothing to do with oil drilling. This has nothing to do with 1998 Michael Bay blockbuster Armageddon. This is just a pig in a sheepherding competition!

And finally…

That’ll do, wig

A piggy bank

Well, farmer Hoggert is wearing a wig there. You can’t fool anyone, mate. That’s a wig! And with this line, he’d really place all praise on his wig for saving the day. Nice.


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