In Praise of Cake

We realised we don’t mention cake anywhere near as much as we should do on this here blog. Perhaps the word, and the product, is just too Professional Moron even for Professional Moron, so we’ve taken up some weird kind of tacit disdain for the word. Indeed, and now here we are. Writing about cake! How postmodern of us.

So what is cake? Well, it’s a kind of mish-mash of stuff. “Er, that’s a bit vague, Mr. Wapojif…” Whatever, for cake is a mixture of whatever. Check out the included picture; raspberries, candle, Semtex (although that might just be frosting), flan thing. It’s not the best cake ever by a long shot, but IT IS a cake. Other cakes include Cheese Cake and, frankly, that’s too ace to even contemplate. Cake is cake. Got a problem with that? Not a problem as cake is ace. Unless you want to debate that? Well? Good good! Just remember where you’re at.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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