Beans The Chinese Dwarf Hamster Update!

“Why’s she pulling a funny face?” She’s in her manic cleaning process, which involves all sorts of unusual expressions

We thought we’d update everyone on the current situation of our office pet Beans, who turned 1 back in March and has been toodling along nicely ever since. We have discovered recently she is fond of fresh vegetables; broccoli, tomato, carrot, a kidney bean (YES! Beans ate beans!) and she is also rather fond of blueberries. She seems indifferent about grapes, for some reason. We don’t know why. Anyway, other activities we’ve noticed from her include scratching her ear (with her right rear “paw”, it’s that’s the word), and having far fewer temper tantrums. Indeed, she’s almost entirely stopped flipping her wheel over at the end of her night shift, and her “nipping” has decreased enormously. Is she mellowing as she gets older? It would seem so.

However, we remain disappointed due to the lack of any talking ability, and she has, as of yet, not shown any streaks of Mozart styled genius. We’ve given her an ultimatum; have at least four concertos written by the end of this year or you’re going to have a severe reduction in your pumpkin seed rations. That’ll teach her. The furry little git. Elsewhere, we’ve also noted she has a habit of jettisoning her food whenever she’s been held for around 10 minutes. We can’t fathom any reason for this, but she deems it necessary to eject any food stored in her cheeks. Beans – the enigma continues!


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