Fun Music To Listen To Today

“Big Beans is watching you!” – George Orwell (from beyond his prescient grave)

Right, we’re still taking a break BUT we’ve decided to liven our “We’re On A Break” page up a bit with some excellent music.

Prior to now it’s just been a shark jammed with a… damn, what’s the name? One of those plastic based lids with a needle attached to the end. We name this device “Communism”. Should be copyright free!

Right, I have to fill this bit otherwise my “more” tag will just mess up this bit. A  bit annoying, eh? SO! I hope all is well… and that your home grown cheese is okay… and… right, I’m bored.

This should be getting there now. And that’s my pet Chinese Dwarf Hamster on the right. She knows all. Don’t even DARE get pretentious on her time, you get it?! GOOD! Onwards, comrade!

The Band – The Last Waltz

The Band in action back in 1978 – the in-band bickering (you can read about it with a brief Google search) was idiotic.

That’s human beans for you! That’s Levon Helm on drums singing away.

“DRUMMING AND SINGING?” Now Mr. Wapojif, as a former drummer, can’t stress how difficult that is.

The Who at Monterey Pop Festival

The Who in action at 1967’s Monterey Festival. Anger.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Shift of change with Mr. Beethoven now, or one Murray Perahia, performing really rather remarkably the Moonlight Sonata.

Now, on YouTube, a lot of folk have made fun of Mr. Perahia’s appearance (and, actually, his playing style is so vigorous he has issues with his hands).

Still, enjoy this, as one can’t help but think this is how Beethoven would have played it.

Simon & Garfunkel

Now, on many levels, this pretentious crap shouldn’t work. But it does. Brilliant song writing and performances (mainly from Mr. Art Garfunkel).

So you have this in 1967 at the legendary Monterey Festival in Canada, where Mama Cass, Jimi Hendrix (who was out of it on LSD, but still set his guitar on fire), and a cranky (but stage destroying) The Who performed.

Lumberjack Song

Monty Python’s 1967 song about a disgruntled hairdresser. He goes on to reveal he wishes he was a lumberjack, but then (in seeming over enthusiasm) reveals his tendency towards cross dressing. The best girl by his side is Connie Booth.

Paul Simon Live

Paul Simon hid the big time with his really rather brilliant 1985 album. Er… oh yeah, it’s called Graceland. It’s not about cake.

A Very Loud Non-Duck

To round stuff off, this rooster (TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN FOR THIS ONE) knows his stuff.

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