In Praise of StumbleUpon!


We thought we’d distance ourselves from our recent spate of poo posts today. How to do so? By embracing our geek credentials, that’s how! Thusly we’re singing the praises of the almighty StumbleUpon, one of the very best things on the internet. The WWW is a wonderbar invention, but there’s a hell of a lot of crap out there. Seriously, there’s so much dross on the internet it’s depressing – so how do you filter out the guff?

You join StumbleUpon, that’s how! What in the name of bejeezus is it? It’s a form of search engine which has been dubbed a “Discovery Engine”, which makes things all the more whimsical, eh? You register to the site (yeah, another one of those bloody registration forms to fill out), fill in your favourite Interests (books, bukes, food, history, space, jam etc.), and then you get stumbling. This involves clicking the Stumble button (or pressing it, if you download the smartphone app), which sends you orf on a fantastical world of discovery. User submitted pages of interest spring up, which you can Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, thusly curating your favourite type of stuff as you go along. It rapidly gets addictive as you stumble upon (note the name of the service!!) fantabulous site after another. The really great ones you can store in your Likes sections; you may return to them fondly and coo like an idiot at a later date.

As you might be able to guess, Professionl Moron’s Mr. Wapojif threw himself at this glorious information overload site like a psychopath would throw his or herself at a stockpile of dangerous marmalade. After three years on the service he has amassed some 42,645 stumbles! Rather than being embarrassed about this waste of thyme, Mr. Wapojif is proud. Proud to have gleaned so much information from the internet, whilst millions of others sit about staring at indecent material or posting baby pictures on Facebook. At one point he even received an e-mail from the company thanking him for being one of their most prolific Stumblers. There be commitment, readers! You can be a part of it now; sign up and get stumbling. Indeed.

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